Hyena: Families in the Wild - documentary

Hyena: Families in the Wild
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The Hyena is one of the most feared animals on the planet, and if you do not believe that try walking through the African plains and confronting a number of them; its a big scary problem. Hyena have a reputation that proceeds them and this is exactly what this 1999 wildlife documentary titled “Hena families in the wild” hopes to examine. While you would not want an encounter with such a viciously sadistic animal the Hyena live a life that could be compared to a human family as they are very intelligent and “look after” one another much like dogs or wolves in a pack. The combination of pack hunting techniques and a build much like that of a a bear puts the Hyena close to the top of the land food chain globally. Despite all this some people happen to keep them as pets:



Pet Hyena


However not in the conventional form:




Hyena facts:

  • Scientific Name: Crocuta crocuta (spotted hyena)
  • Size: 28 to 35 inches tall
  • Weight: 90 to 190 pounds
  • Diet: Completely carnivorous
  • Lifespan: 25 years in captivity
  • Only predator: Humans
  • Social intelligence beyond that of chimps
  • Female Hynea are more powerful (muscular) that the males



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