How the Universe Works: The Quasar Enigma - documentary

How the Universe Works: The Quasar Enigma
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How the Universe Works The Quasar Enigma investigates some of the most impressive objects in the universe: Quasars.


Quasars are very active and distant objects, in many cases, they are the size of our solar system and emit enormous amounts of energy. The brightness of the quasar periodically changes as the beaming jets of energy emitted from the centre point towards earth.


Scientists now agree that a quasar is a compact region in the centre of a massive galaxy surrounding a central supermassive black hole. The distance of the quasar can be measured by how red the light is that we observe, commonly known as redshift which happens as light is stretched and distorted as it travels across the immense distances of space. The stronger the redshift, the further the quasar is from us. Currently, the most distant one we know of is 29 billion light-years away from Earth.


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