Green Day: Between Us There Is Nothing - documentary

Green Day: Between Us There Is Nothing
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Green Day is one of the most popular pop-punk bands of all time, this film is their story.


Green Day was formed by guitarist and front-man Billie Joe Armstrong in Northern California in 1988. It was not long before they settled into the trio we know today, consisting of drummer Tre Cool and bass guitarist Mike Dirnt before releasing their first album “Kerplunk” in 1991 which sold 50,000 copies and gained the attention of record producers. In 1994 the band smashed into the mainstream with the release of the phenomenal “Dookie” in 1994 which ultimately sold over 10 million copies featuring classic songs such as “When I Come Around”, “Basket Case” and “Longview”.


The success of Green Day did not stop there as we see in this documentary. “Between Us, There Is Nothing”  explores the band throughout their career through interviews with all band members and friends who discuss significant moments in the history of the band such as the making of the Grammy-award winning album “American Idiot” and much more.

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