Great Escape at Dunkirk - documentary

Great Escape at Dunkirk
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The Great Escape at Dunkirk documentary explores the mass exodus of the British army after being pushed back to the coast by the German Bilzkerig in the early days of World War 2.


In May 1940 more than 300,000 troops from various allied armies were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. The German advancement had been unprecedented and an example of tactical genius by Hitler. The fate of these soldiers seemed bleak as the Royal Navy didn't have enough ships to get the men back to England should the German army continue advancing at the same rate.


In a remarkable blunder, the German army was ordered to stop in their tracks by Hitler. This gave the allied troops a vital few days to make their escape with the help of civilians who brought their vessels across the English channel.


Using previously restricted documents released by the Uk government this Great Escape at Dunkirk nova PBS documentary exposes the myths and facts surrounding this momentous event.

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