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From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature
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From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature, a new 2018 three-part science documentary series hosted by Dr Helen Czerski explaining the amazing world of temperature.


Everything in the universe has a state of heat, defined by how active a particular objects particles are. In this documentary, we see extreme examples of the temperature scale from the surface of a star, to objects which have such little energy that they are close to Absolute Zero; the coldest temperature possible.


Episode 1 - Frozen Solid - In part one Helen examines how coldness shaped the world around us and why frozen doesn't mean what you might think. In extreme cold the laws of physics begin to bend giving objects "super" properties, this is how quantum computers are able to operate. In the documentary, Helen also meets with scientists who are pushing our ability to get to Absolute Zero, the holy grail of cold.


Episode 2 - A Temperature for Life - Our planet resides in the "Goldilocks Zone", a sweet spot in the solar system which allows for a planet to form an atmosphere which can support life because it has the perfect blend of hot and cold. Helen investigates how this remarkable roll of the dice came to be.


Episode 3 - Playing with Fire - In the final part we learn about how masting heat allowed us to shape the world around us. From shaping metal during the industrial revolution to developing plasma technology, fire has certainly helped us advance as a species.

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