Forty Minutes: Danger Men - documentary

Forty Minutes: Danger Men
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An old BBC documentary, aired in 1990, about an experiment in the UK prison system to put together ten of the most dangerous and disruptive men in the British prison system into a new special unit at Hull prison. The experiment saw the inmates taken out of the general prison population where they could encourage bad behaviour of other inmates and drain the resources of the prison service and instead dealt with using a softer approach.


The ten inmates included Fred Low who was serving three life sentences, one for killing a fellow inmate when in the general population, Patrick Mackay who was serving five life sentences for manslaughter and robbery, and well known former boxer Paul Sykes from Wakefield who was the subject of the infamous 1990 documentary Paul Sykes: At Large. The Forty Minutes film crew obtained footage of several conflicts between the prisoners including one incident involving David McAllister who was serving 19 years for armed robbery and assault. McAllister later escaped from the unit and went on the run for five days.


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