Flow: For The Love Of Water - documentary

Flow: For The Love Of Water
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Irena Salina presents a documentary about the corporate take-over of water. Water is a free natural resource that every human on Earth needs in order to survive; that goes without saying. A worrying trend, especially in third and developing worlds is that this resource is being monetized by corporations in such a way that people are dying as a direct result. There are many factors involved in this and not all are as obvious as you may think as we see in the documentary “Flow: For The Love Of Water”.


A critical observation made in the documentary is that nearly 2 million people die every year because they are drinking water poisoned by industrial chemicals and not necessarily because they do not have access to it. Though drought is still an enormous problem that is not going away which has also been exacerbated in recent years due to climate fluctuations explored in documentaries such as Before the Flood.

Irena Salina
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