Finding Vivian Maier - documentary

Finding Vivian Maier
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The 2013 Finding Vivian Maier documentary film directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel tells the story of one of the greatest street photographers to have ever lived. Her talent was never really discovered until two years before her death as many of her photographs were never exhibited or shown at all.


John Maloof bought a random box of 100,000 negatives at an auction in 2007. He soon realised the quality and significance of these images upon examining them in an event dubbed "The discovery that rocked the art world."


While Maloof knew the pictures were fantastic, he didn't know who took them. After uploading 100 online it was revealed that the photographer was Vivian Maier which ultimately inspired him to make this documentary about her.

Mystery, Biography, Art

John Maloof
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