Final 24: His Final Hours, Tupac Shakur - documentary

Final 24: His Final Hours, Tupac Shakur
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The date is September 6th 1996. Tupac Shakur is undoubtedly the most successful and recognizable hip-hop artist in the world, known by his fans as “the king of rap”. To many he was the angry, though-provoking voice of urban America to which told the truth many shied away from. To many he was a hero and a prophet who shaped their world in a positive light. 


The Authorities viewed Tupac in a completely different light; They saw him and rival rappers as a threat to the peace, which is something that Tupac himself may have thought. He was quoted many times in various interviews saying “I'm going to die I'll going to go out in a blaze of glory” a prophecy which came true not long after.


This documentary looks closely in the final hours of Tupac’s life, when in 1996 he had just finished work on his latest music video in Los Angels. Later he was involved in a brawl… On the way back to his hotel a gunman opened fire on the car he was traveling in which fatally wounded the rapper.

Conspiracy, Crime, History

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