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Face to Face a Plastic Surgery Story - Real Stories

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About The Documentary

English actress Leslie Ash famous for starring in the BBC sitcom Men Behaving Badly presents a documentary about plastic surgery, exploring it’s benefits, problems and pitfalls in a largely unregulated industry.


As a poster girl and comedy actress her image in the public eye is important and after a botched cosmetic lip-filler leaving her with a permanent “pout” she has been held up as the poster girl for all that is wrong in the cosmetic beauty industry.


In the documentary Face to Face Leslie investigates why even when there are reasonably strict UK laws and even more stringent laws in the US regarding plastic surgery do so many “Botox bandits” still operate. It’s a personal story as she talks about her own experiences and looks for possible ways to reverse damage done to her appearance.


This documentary was produced in 2008 by Produced by Transparent Television.

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