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Everything Is a Remix
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Everything Is a Remix is the first documentary in a series by Kirby Ferguson about modern attitudes towards intellectual property and how this can be counter-productive in the pursuit of creative production.

A quote from Kirby Ferguson about his intentions for making this documentary:


The hard truth is that most creations are worthless immediately. Most books, films, albums, computer applications, or whatever else are met with not just indifference but disuse.

They basically aren’t read, aren’t viewed, aren’t used. Of the lucky ones that find a modest audience, almost all of those fall into obscurity within a few decades.

Only a slim minority of works have commercial value after that and current copyright legislation is clearly written for this tiny group. Copyleft activists sometimes refer to this segment as the 'lottery winners'.

Since the 2010 release, the film has gained millions of views and as a result, it has been an ongoing project for Kirby who released a remastered version in 2015 combining all four parts into one feature-length documentary.

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Kirby Ferguson
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