Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

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Presenter Peter Coyote Category Crime Year 2005 Watch time 01:49:29

Enron was an energy corporation which was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, United States in 1985. this documentary explores what was going inside the company which lead to it ceasing operations on December 2nd 2001 due to bankruptcy, also known as the “Enron scandal”. The scandal involved many bad practices including high risk accounting which ultimately lead to shareholders suing the companies board of directors for more than $40,000,000 as there stock price was around $90 per share during the mid 2000 and then plummeted to $1.


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This film is a wake up call for the average person working in a big corporation. This case with Enron left a lot of hard working Americans out of a job, pension, and corporate benefits. When working for a big corporation you can only hope that, the powerful few are practicing sound business procedures. This was not the case with Enron. This film documents the how and why Enron fell from its high stature and those affected along the way. Enron is the perfect example of what our world has become: self-interested and money hungry. Enron was responsible for roaming blackouts in California so they could charge more for their energy. Enron seems to be an appropriate microcosm for what is going on in our world, in that, the powers that be are making us so dependant on oil and gas while at the same time not releasing the technology that could do away with those fossil fuels. We have the technology check out the Disclosure Project.

Reviewed on June 27, 2016


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