Encountering Sea Monsters: The Humboldt Squid - documentary

Encountering Sea Monsters: The Humboldt Squid
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Documentary about the Humboldt squid. The Humboldt squid, known also as the jumbo squid is among the largest of the known squids in the ocean and was first discovered in 1835. This large predator can grow to a length of around 1.5 meters and has a reputation of aggression towards humans which often manifests during feeding times. The Humboldt is a very unusual creature that flashes red and white when hunting which is presumably where it got the nick-named Diablo rojo “red devil” among fishermen.


The Humboldt is most commonly found at ocean depths of around 200 – 700 meters and is commonly fished in Mexico and Peru. The streamlined body makes the squid an efficient predator that can propel itself at 15mph.


 Humboldt Squid facts:

  • Can grown up to 1.5 meters in length
  • can swim up to fifteen miles per hour
  • can move in shoals of up to 1,200 individuals
  • razor sharp beak
  • scientific name: (Dosidicus gigas)


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