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Earth's Natural Wonders: Series 2
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Earth's Natural Wonders: Series 2 is a 2018 nature documentary series which looks at surviving in some of the most famous and extreme natural wonders on planet Earth. This is a follow up to the 2015 two-part series "Living on the Edge".


In Episode 1 - Surviving the Extreme we follow Thokmay Lowa, who is a Yak-herder working in the high regions of the Himalaya

Episode 2 - Surviving with Animals, this can be both a blessing as an abundance of animals can mean a constant food supply. Of course, where there are other animals there will be other predators and this can be disastrous for humans.


Episode 3 - Surviving Against the Odds, this final episode follows people who live in places where humans should not be able to survive.

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