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cover image for documentary Dunblane School Shooting: Our Story online
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Dunblane School Shooting: Our Story


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A documentary about the Dunblane school shooting where 16 children and their school teacher were Murdered. At 09:35am on March 13th 1996 a man, Thomas Hamilton walked into Dunlane Primary school, Scotland and opened fire. The gunman shot himself soon after making a total of 18 deaths. This is one of the worst atrocities in modern British history which called for a public debate about gun control.


Back in 1996 you could own a hand gun legally in Britain. After the Dunblane shooting the government passed two new gun laws which would essentially make owning such weapons in Great Britain illegal, the intention of the laws was to help prevent anything like this happening again. 


This documentary commemorates the 20th anniversary of the shooting and interviews many of the people who were involved, including the headmaster at the time Ron Taylor.

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