Do You Trust This Computer? - documentary

Do You Trust This Computer?
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Do You Trust This Computer? This 2018 documentary by American filmmaker Chris Paine (known for Who Killed the Electric Car?) discusses the benefits and dangers of the technological revolution which is unfolding before our eyes on a daily basis.


We have all seen the movie "The Terminator", and back in the 1980's while an AI machine was a scary prospect it was completely science fiction. Today, things which couldn't have been imagined 30-years-ago are becoming a reality, but developing in a different way. Today much of what we do is transmitted across the internet and more and more electronic devices are coming with the capability to be online 24-hours-a-day. The information is being gathered into large datasets and crunched by computers to give them self-learning capabilities. But where is all of this going in the long run?


The documentary "Do you trust this computer?" features a number of prominent people in the tech industry, including Elon Musk who discuss how a new generation of self-learning computers is reshaping every aspect of our lives. Will A.I. usher in an age of unprecedented potential, or prove to be our final invention?

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Chris Paine
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jrtdixie rated

Good video. I showed this to my current events class as we have been talking about the FB issues and sharing data, so this fit right in. Worth watching for sure!

Reviewed on April 23, 2018

Anner08 rated

Excellent! A truly informative and frightening look into the immediate human future.

Reviewed on September 06, 2018


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