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David Icke: Was He Right?
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David Icke: Was He Right? Before questioning the legitimacy of this site I can tell you I have watched this film and it is in large-part a biographical documentary. It does not push his [Ickes] theories such as the royal family being reptilians, or the moon being built by inter-dimensional beings, rather Davids personal life and the mass ridicule he faced after the famous 1991 Tery Wogan interview.


That year David announced that he was a son of God and predicted upcoming disasters years into the future that he said were induced by an unbalance of evil on planet Earth. Some claim that many of his predictions have come true though many of them seem coincidental.


The title of this documentary "Was He Right?" is a little misleading. For rather than it exploring whether there has been any truth in his radical statements, it seems to ask whether coming out with these statements on a national platform was the right thing to do.


This documentary was first broadcast by Channel 5 in 2006 then republished by Real Stories in 2015.

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David Icke
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