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Dangerous Knowledge
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Dangerous Knowledge, a two-part historical science documentary made in 2007 by British filmmaker David Malone which looks at the story of a group of the world most brilliant mathematicians who went insane in the pursuit of all seeing knowledge.

Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing, pioneered our understanding the world but this pursuit would end in tragedy for them all. The name of this documentary lends itself to whether seeking new knowledge is always the right thing to do, questioning if there is a boundary to the capability of the human mind that should not be crossed no matter how tempting.


Of course, a counterpoint to the hypothesis this documentary presents is that there are thousands-upon-thousands of scientists who have made tremendous achievements tackling fiendishly complex problems, without going insane. Perhaps the "Dangerous Knowledge" is being convinced of looking for it in the wrong places and not being able to hit the "reset" button?

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