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cover image for documentary Cosmonauts: How Russia Won the Space Race online
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Cosmonauts: How Russia Won the Space Race


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When we talk about who “won” the space race of the 20th century one would quickly assume that it was the United States. They placed 12 men on the moon after all. however you would be wrong because the real pioneers of space travel were the Soviet Union and the cosmonauts.


This documentary explores in detail the history of the Soviet space program from its early days to when they put the first man into space; Yuri Gagarin. during the 50’s and 60’s this country made some astonishing achievements that don’t seem all that now, but at the time all of this space travel stuff could only be found in fictional magazines.


The Documentary features interviews with many of the people who were involved with the program. Unfortunately Yuri Gagarin died more than 40 years ago but Alexei Leonov, the first man to perform a space walk explains what it was like to do something that no human had ever done before.

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spacecadet1 year ago

A magnificent documentary about the Soviet space programme made to celebrate the opening of the Cosmonauts exhibition at the Science Museum in London. I have found no other online source of this important film. Should be essential viewing for anyone interested in the exploration of space.