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Chasing Ice
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Chasing Ice is an epic adventure following photographer James Balog and his team of researchers who are conducting the “extreme ice survey”, collecting visual information on the effects of climate change to provide ocular evidence for the numerous studies by scientists who have published detailed reports on the subject but failed to capture the imagination of the public at large.


This documentary explores the same issues as Leonardo Di Caprio did in his 2015 sensation, Before the Flood but in a completely different way. Where Before the Flood showed the route causes of carbon-based global warming and people in places of political power with weighted opinions, the Chasing Ice documentary goes to “ground zero” were many of the effects of global warming are reported to be taking place; in the form of stunning capitulating ice vistas.


Whether or not you believe the scientific studies pushing humanity to reduce its carbon footprint and thus slow down “global warming” should be made up with your own objective mind using research; I am not here to try and convince you of anything. No matter what, there is something that everyone can take away from the Chasing Ice documentary film.


Jeff Orlowski
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