Chasing Bubbles - documentary

Chasing Bubbles
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A the age of 25 Alex Rust, who was a day trader in Chicago decided he wanted to leave his hum-drum life and set out on a mission to sail around the world. A remarkable challenge for an experienced sailor, but Rust had no experience what-so-ever.


After quitting his job Alex drove down to Florida and traded his old mini-van for a modest, yet ocean-going yacht. After reading a “sailing for dummies” book, Alex and two friends set out to sea bound for the Bahamas on New Year’s Eve 2008 and never looked back. The documentary Chasing Bubbles is about trying to find happiness in an adventure which would last more than 4 years and push the boundaries of what we would normally perceive as possible.


Chasing Bubbles is a documentary about not settling for what society says you will be capable of and throwing the rule-book out of the window. If you really go for something the sky really is the limit.

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Topher Cochrane
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