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Capturing the Friedmans
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Capturing the Friedmans, a 2003 crime documentary directed by American filmmaker and musician Andrew Jarecki about the investigation of father and son Arnold and Jesse Friedman.


The film follows the child sex abuse investigation of Arnold and Jesse in 1987. A suspicion that Arnold Friedman was a paedophile began when police intercepted a mail from the Netherlands, addressed to Mr Friedman which contained a child porn magazine. This was just the beginning of a lengthy inquiry. Shortly after police raided his home and found a stash of similar material, they came to the horrifying revelation that he taught children computers from his home and most likely was abusing them.


After looking through stacks of evidence their suspicions were proven to be correct, with one shocking twist; his 18-year-old son Jesse was also involved in committing the crimes. Eventually, Arnold was sent to prison for life, though his son was spared a full life sentence.


Arnold Friedman committed suicide in prison in 1995, leaving a $250,000 life insurance benefit to Jesse. Jesse Friedman was released from New York's Clinton Correctional Facility in 2001 after serving 13 years of his sentence. Currently, he is running an online book-selling business.[


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