Bigger Stronger Faster* - documentary

Bigger Stronger Faster*
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Bigger Stronger Faster* is a documentary directed by Chris Bell which tells the story of Anabolic steroid use in the United States. There are many reasons for why people use steroids but probably the most popular is in training “to get bigger” or compete in male fitness competitions where the most aesthetically pleasing body wins. People put years of diligent work into training for their sports and when the miracle steroids drugs hit the scene many people saw it as a blessing as it would make getting their boy looking how they wanted it that much quicker, and with less effort. However, there are many downsides which are explored in the documentary Bigger Stronger Faster*, as well as the fact that performance enhancing drugs is cheating.


Is it still cheating if everyone is doing it? – The motto of the movie.

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Christopher Bell
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