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Beautiful Losers

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Presenter Aaron Rose Category Art Year 2008 Watch time 01:30:51


Beautiful Losers, a 2008 art and music documentary co-directed by Aaron Rose, Joshua Leonard which follows a group of "do it yourself" street artists who affected the entire world of art.


The film documents a group of creative people who in 1990's took ideas from the Graffiti punk-rock, hip-hop and skateboarding cultures and combined them into their work. Some of these people include Thomas Campbell, Cheryl Dunn, Shepard Fairey and Harmony Korine. They explain what their specific influences were and what it was like to become popular and respected in the art world, ultimately turning their hobbies into careers which businesses sought to incorporate into advertisements and product design.


This documentary is based on a book called Beautiful Losers which was written by Aaron Rose.



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