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BBS: The Documentary
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BBS: The Documentary, an eight-part series directed by Jason Scott about the rise of the revolutionary bulletin board software. It’s a humbling documentary that takes us back to the origins of the internet with people who participated on BBS and those who wrote the system.


It's hard to imagine how big of a revolution BBS was back in the early nineties given the internet we use today. Essentially in the early days, few people used these terminal programs where you could leave a message. You could log in and read messages other people had written and type a message back; within a few weeks, you may a response.


Yes, they were very nerdy and impractical at the time but the idea of sending a message across the world and maybe getting a response was exciting. As a result, BBS caught on very quickly and by 1994 millions of people were using it to communicate.


When you think about big social media websites are only the next step on from BBS since they are basically big aggregated RSS feeds with a nice GUI.

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