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Atom - documentary

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Atom, a three-part documentary series by British physics professor Jim Al-Khalili telling the story of how we came to realise that everything was made from atoms.


As scientists discovered more and more about the atom, the stranger and stranger the very nature of reality appeared to be. Unlocking knowledge about the atom also unleashed the nuclear age on humanity and opened a whole new vista for physics, chemistry and biology. Learning about the makeup of atoms has taken the human race down a path of exciting and sometimes dangerous knowledge and changed our very understanding of the world irrevocably.


In the documentary, Jim talks about great minds like Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg who published breakthrough papers detailing new finding of the building blocks of the universe. He also discusses how the tiny atom could be our key to understanding the unimaginably vast cosmos.


This series is divided into three sections, each focusing on different topics which you can explore below.

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