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AIDS Inc. is a feature-length 2007 documentary by well known American AIDS denialist and alternative medicine advocate Gary Null, the film asserts that the pharmaceutical industry spreads fear and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS in order to continue to profit from the multi-billion dollar industry that is built around it.


The film asserts that despite raising billions of pounds from fundraising and celebrity endorsements the scientific community is no closer to finding a cure, and suggests that the entire orthodox medical establishment has been completely wrong about AIDS and has possibly even been aware of flaws in research since the beginning. Null was inspired to create the documentary because he felt that 5,000 physicians, microbiologists, journalists and activists who believe that the public has been misled about AIDS have not been given a voice by the mainstream media.


Featuring in the film are various other AIDS denialists including Dr Robert Gallo, Peter Duesberg, Kary B. Mullis, and David Rasnick.

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