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Africa - David Attenborough
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In the 2013 documentary series "Africa" David Attenborough explores the vast array of wildlife and habitats of across the great continent of Africa.

Episode 1 Kalahari - David explores the deserts of south-west Africa which is home to white meercats and huge black Rhinos. With almost no yearly rainfall, animals must use extreme measures in order to survive.


Episode 2 Savannah - David travels to East Africa to investigate wildlife in an environment which is in a perpetual shift from one extreme to another.


Episode 3 Congo - The heart of Africa is covered in dense rainforest and home to some of the most territorial animals on the entire continent; chimps.


Episode 4 Cape - Southern Africa is where two ocean currents meat making for in incredibly unpredictable climate which some species such as the Great White Shark thrive off.


Episode 5 Sahara - The biggest desert in the world which as so much sand that if it is windy enough it can turn the skies over England red. While The Sahara is an incredibly inhospitable place it is still home to many weird and wonderful creatures, many of which live underground in order to survive the extreme heat.

Episode 6 The Future

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