A Spy in the Den - documentary

A Spy in the Den
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A Spy in the Den (2000) is a documentary on lions which was groundbreaking at the time of release due to having used a filming technique which had never been used before. The filmmakers dispatched a covert remote-controlled camera straight into the middle of a Lion pride, the first time that such a method had been used to obtain footage for nature documentaries. The film is part of a BBC Wildlife series narrated by legendary British wildlife expert and explorer Sir David Attenborough.


The documentary was compiled from in excess of 3000 hours of footage, an extraordinary amount of footage for a feature which was less than 1 hour in length on completion. The film follows young cubs as they turn into young adults, highlights include an attempt by the cubs to surround an extremely angry hippo. The cubs also encounter other animals including cobras, elephants, and buffalo.

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