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3D Printed Guns
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3D Printed Guns: With an ever increasing restriction on who can purchase firearms in the United States, there has been a rise in the interest of 3D printed guns. This documentary presented by Erin Lee Carr examines how rapid advancements in technology have allowed people to create deadly weapons from their home. one of the leading figures in the 3d printing revolution is Cody Wilson a law student from Texas, USA.


When Cody first started developing printing techniques for guns, it made him a highly controversial figure, most certainly in the eyes of the law which at the time was miles behind the ability of 3d tech. Even though Cody Wilson’s firearm making technology was feared from the beginning the first few hundred prototypes would smash to bits after only a few shots. Plastic is really not suited to the high pressure and heat created when shooting a gun, so it took many different formulas of plastic and hours of experimenting with moulding techniques to finally come up with a method that made guns that were somewhat reliable.


Motherboard sits down for a chat with Cody to talk about how he got involved in 3d printing and how he became an advocate for the open source production of firearms.

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