1991 Gulf War - documentary

1991 Gulf War
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Gulf war documentary. This is the 8th and last episode in a documentary series produced by the BBC which focuses on the story of operation desert storm in 1991. This campaign made use of revolutionary technology that we all take for granted in warfare today such as stealth bombers and high precision guided bombs making this battle like no other fought before it. The gulf war involved the United states and 33 coalition nations including France, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia who were fighting the Iraqi army which at the time was extremely powerful, experienced, well equipped and the regime also had weapons of mass destruction. The fear among many of the American and collation soldiers was the imminent threat of gas attacks.


As this gulf war documentary describes the historical events through interviews with people who were actually there and with archive footage, it becomes clear that it was more than just technology that would lead to a victory for the allies; it would need skill, determination and wisely chosen tactics. The war lasted for 6 months, 3 weeks and 5 days between 2nd August 1990 and 28th February 1991 which ultimately led to a decisive collation victory and the Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait. There were massive casualties on both sides with a total of 292 coalition loses and 35,000 Iraq soldiers, not to mention many civilian losses.  


The result of the war ultimately cost many lives and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia paid around US$32 billion of the US$60 billion costs. After the war ended the UN imposed heavy economic sanctions against Iraq which also included an establishment of a no fly zone.

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