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The Choice is Ours

EnvironmentTechnology Presenter Roxanne Meadows 2015 01:37:20 Unrated

  "The Choice is Ours" documentary directed by Roxanne Meadows shows an optimistic vision of the world if we apply science & technology for the benefit of all...

Stacey Dooley Investigates: Kids Selling Drugs Online

DrugsCrimeTechnology Presenter Stacey Dooley 2017 00:28:00

  British journalist Stacey Dooley Investigates Kids Selling Drugs Online is this documentary film.   With a huge crackdown on the online drug trade in the last...


ArtEngineeringTechnology Presenter Gary Hustwit 2009 01:13:00 Unrated

  Objectified is a 2009 art and engineering documentary created by American photographer Gary Hustwit.   The film looks at our close relationship with manufactur...

DEFCON: The Documentary

  DEFCON: The Documentary, is a celebration of 20 years of the hacker convention which was founded by Jeff Moss in 1993 and annually held in Las Vegas. The film follows the...

BBS: The Documentary

TechnologySocietyEngineering Presenter Jason Scott 2005 00:39:00 Unrated

  BBS: The Documentary, an eight-part series directed by Jason Scott about the rise of the revolutionary bulletin board software. It’s a humbling docum...


TechnologyConspiracy Presenter Jakob Gottschau 2015 00:59:00 Unrated

  Facebookistan is a study of the site which has the policy to ensure that it's users are "open and connected". With a user base of more tha...

Inside the Dark Web

TechnologySociety Presenter Amanda Drew 2018 00:59:00 Unrated

  Decades after the initial launch of the internet as a tool for scientific research it has turned into a whole different beast which is used for surveillance by gover...

Arduino - The Documentary

TechnologyEngineering Presenter Raúl Alaejos 2010 00:28:00 Unrated

Arduino the documentary is a look at the story of the open-source hardware board that now artists, engineers, students use to build many things.

Revolution OS

TechnologySociety Presenter Susan Egan 2001 01:25:10 Unrated

  Revolution OS, directed by J. T. S. Moore takes a look back over the last twenty years of the open source operating systems Linux and GNU and how they came to lead t...

The Hacker Wars

ActivismTechnology Presenter Vivien Lesnik Weisman 2014 01:31:20 Unrated

  The Hacker Wars, a documentary about hacktivists who are using online technologies to bring about social change and are a target for the US government. The film foll...

Banking on Bitcoin

TechnologyHistory Presenter Wences Casares 2016 01:23:41 Unrated

  Banking on Bitcoin, a documentary about one of the most disruptive technologies to come about since the internet was first invented. This open source software starte...

Hacking Democracy

  Hacking Democracy, An eye-opening documentary film narrated by James Naughton which follows Seattle grandmother and activist Bev Harris who is attempting to ans...

The Effects Of The Internet

HealthSocietyTechnology Presenter First Documentary 2017 00:51:52 Unrated

  The internet has affected everyone's life in some way or another. This Internet documentary presented by popular Youtube Channel “First documentary”...

Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web

CrimePoliticalTechnology Presenter Emily James 2011 01:28:55 Unrated

Silk Road was dubbed as being the “Amazon of the dark web”. Operating on the Onion encryption network (Tor), Silk road conducted all kinds of criminal activit...

The Age of Aerospace

EngineeringTechnology Presenter Mark Obenhaus 2017 00:54:30 Unrated

  A series of films about the tremendous advances in Aerospace technology over the last 100 years by The American company Boeing and other pioneers in the technology. The f...


SocietyTechnology Presenter James Allen Smith 2009 01:18:53 Unrated

  A film that follows trader's in Chicago who are working in an ever-changing environment with stock value rising and falling on a whim and the very technology used to...

The Sex Robots are Coming

The first episode for the new channel 4 The Sex Robots are Coming documentary series about “the rise of the robots”. Of course, the first episode would cover how a...

3D Printed Guns

SocietyTechnology Presenter Erin Lee Carr 2013 00:24:10

With an ever increasing restriction on who can purchase fire arms in the United States there has been a rise in the interest of 3D printed guns. This documentary presente...

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

BiographyTechnology Presenter Steve Jobs 2011 00:54:56

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing, a PBS produced documentary about Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniaks’ founding of Apple computer and the huge influence it has had on the persona...

The Making of Fallout 3

GamingTechnology Presenter Bethesda 2008 00:38:57 Unrated

A documentary exploring the making of the third installment of the insanely popular apocalyptic strategy game series Fallout. The Making of Fallout 3 features behind the scene...

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