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Sport documentaries

The Denali Experiment

Sport Presenter Jimmy Chin 2011

The Denali Experiment, a short documentary directed by Jimmy Chin following a group of hardcore snowboarders and mountaineers as they attempt to climb and ride 20,320-foot Denali in Alaska — the highest peak in North America and the tallest land-based mountain on Earth.   The film c[...]

Allen Iverson: The Answer

SportBiography Presenter 2016 Unrated

The 2016 "Allen Iverson: The Answer" documentary follows one greatest basketball players of all time, Allen Iverson.   The film showcases Allen's life from an early age until becoming the most valuable player in the NBA. The story is one filled with twists and turns and ups[...]

Parkour: People in Motion

Sport Presenter Cedric Dahl 2012 Unrated

Parkour: People in Motion: A documentary about a group of people who turn to parkour in their life -- sometimes to get rid of anger and frustration, other times they just want to feel the earth and be a part of something.   This film was lovingly crafted by Cedric Dahl & Bennett Hoffm[...]

Joe Weller: Fighter

SportBiography Presenter Joe Weller 2018 Unrated

  "Joe Weller: Fighter", is Joe Wellers' new 2018 documentary film which tells the story of how he dedicated six-months of his life to training for a fight with Youtuber KSI.   Weller is a musical artist from Brighton, England who made a name for himself making dance[...]

Chelsea Headhunters

SportCrime Presenter Donal MacIntyre 1999 Unrated

  A 1999 investigative documentary by Irish journalist Donald MacIntyre following the notorious Chelsea Headhunters football hooligan firm, which has ties to the professional Premier league football club Chelsea.   Chelsea F.C has a worldwide following including a group of London-[...]


Sport Presenter Neil Warnock 2005 Unrated

  This documentary follows Neil Warnock as he manages British football team Sheffield United through the 2004/2005 Championship season.   "Warnock" is a fly-the-wall sports documentary meaning what you see is what you get. It provides a unique insight into Warnock's[...]

The Broad Street Bullies

Sport Presenter Liev Schreiber 2010 Unrated

  Broad Street Bullies is a 2010 sports documentary about the National Hockey League team the Philidelphia Flyers.   The film which is directed by legendary documentary filmmaker George Roy (Fists of Freedom), and narrated by American actor Liev Schreiber (X-men, Spotlight), explo[...]

On Any Sunday

SportBiography Presenter Bruce Brown 1971 Unrated

  On Any Sunday is a 1971 documentary about motorcycle racing by Californian filmmaker Bruce Brown.   This academy-award-winning film shows the broad range of disciplines displayed by motorcycle racers. It presents not only the different skills in diverse types of motorbike racing[...]

Barely Dead: The Saga of Modern Rollerblading

  Barely Dead: The Saga of Modern Rollerblading explores the history of blading from it's Victorian roots right to the present day.   Cinematographer Doug Urquhart spent years putting this documentary together and raising funds to make it happen. The film chronicles how the no[...]

First Position

Sport Presenter Bess Kargman 2011 Unrated

  The 2011 documentary First Position by American director Bess Kargman follows six budding dancers from around the world as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world.   The title 'First Position' is ta[...]

This is Anfield

Sport Presenter Peter McDowall 2016 Unrated

  “This is Anfield” was created by Liverpool football club in celebration of their iconic home ground. Anfield is one of the oldest stadiums in the world and a centre of football which has a capacity for 54,000 people, though this is a far cry from when it was first bui[...]

Chasing Bubbles

SportSociety Presenter Topher Cochrane 2016 Unrated

A the age of 25 Alex Rust, who was a day trader in Chicago decided he wanted to leave his hum-drum life and set out on a mission to sail around the world. A remarkable challenge for an experienced sailor, but Rust had no experience what-so-ever.   After quitting his jo[...]


SportSociety Presenter Kostas Mandilas 2014 Unrated

  The ATH, a documentary about skateboarding in Athens, Greece created by Kostas Mandilas. The film mainly focuses on local skaters in the city, both young and old but it also touches on social issues caused by enormous economic problems plaguing the country as a whole.


Sport Presenter David Ranson 2016 Unrated

  As our story comes to a close, embark on one last adventure with Swiss Pro Cycling Team IAM Cycling as we take you on a behind the scenes journey on the toughest, most prestigious race in the world. This is our story, this is KEEP FIGHTING.   - David Ranson