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Space documentaries

The Fabric of the Cosmos

The Fabric of the Cosmos, a four-part science documentary hosted by American theoretical physicist Brian Greene which brings together our knowledge of the universe.   The first part examines what space actually is. The second part looks into the cosmos and the ide[...]

The Voyagers

ScienceSpace Presenter Penny Lane 2012 Unrated

The Voyagers, a "decade of Vimeo staff picks" short documentary by Penny Lane about two craft which changed the way we view our solar system forever.   There are many documentaries about the Voyager missions and this one provides another unique perspective on an epic story, taki[...]

The Last Man on the Moon

The last man to walk on the moon was NASA astronaut Gene Cernan who after three days on the surface conducting experiments left on December 14th, 1972, shortly before the Apollo project was shut down.   The 2016 "The Last Man on the Moon" documentary by British filmmaker Mark Cr[...]

Mars: Red and Dead

It was only 60-years-ago when many people still entertained the idea that there could be intelligent life on planet Mars. Ideas such as there being lush jungles on the surface and that tributary-like objects spotted through low-resolution telescopes could be canals made by intelligent beings. Of cou[...]


PsychologySpace Presenter 2012 Unrated

The short documentary "OVERVIEW" by Planetary Collective marks the 40th anniversary of the famous Blue Marble photograph taken by the crew of Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972.     The above image is easily one of the most famous images ever. It was taken around 29,000km[...]

Black Hole Apocalypse

SpaceScience Presenter Janna Levin 2018 Unrated

  Black Hole Apocalypse, a 2018 science documentary presented by American cosmologist Janna Levin about the most mysterious known objects in our Universe.   First described by Stephen Hawking in his famous publication "Occurrence of singularities in open universes" in 19[...]

Bye Bye Planet Pluto

SpaceScience Presenter Ian Holm 2006 Unrated

  For decades little Pluto was considered to be the ninth planet in our solar system, though everything about it just didn't fit in with the others. All the rocky planets reside in the inner solar system while the gas giants, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune orbit in the outer regions. &nb[...]

Voyager: To the Final Frontier

SpaceScience Presenter Dallas Campbell 2012 Unrated

  The Voyager space mission is arguably one of mankind's greatest achievements of the 20th century, and one which nearly never got off the ground.   In 1964 Gary Flandro of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory discovered that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune would align in such a[...]

The Trouble with Space Junk

SpaceScience Presenter David Stewart 2015 Unrated

  Ever since the space-race in the 1960's, we have been putting all kinds of objects into low and high earth orbit. When first launched these satellites have performed all kinds of tasks from being communication satellites to running scientific experiments. Once their use has expired or[...]

How the Universe Works: Strange Lives of Dwarf Planets

ScienceSpace Presenter Mike Rowe 2018 Unrated

  How the Universe Works: Strange Lives of Dwarf Planets, a 2018 science documentary hosted by Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) which examines what we know about some of the strangest objects in our own solar system.   Thanks to advances in science we are now about to explore dwarf planets[...]

The 21st Century Race for Space

  It's an exciting time for space exploration, for not only do we have governmental organisations such as NASA stepping into the cosmic ocean, but independent space companies are popping up everywhere with fresh new ideas. The most notable of which being Space X that has just launched th[...]

How the Universe Works: The Quasar Enigma

  How the Universe Works The Quasar Enigma investigates some of the most impressive objects in the universe: Quasars.   Quasars are very active and distant objects, in many cases, they are the size of our solar system and emit enormous amounts of energy. The brightness of the quas[...]

Wonders of the Moon

  Our closest neighbour, the moon has always been an enigmatic symbol in the night sky, yet one which represents stability. This barren rock in space bears scars which tell us about the chaotic early days of our solar system because with no atmosphere and geological activity it's surface[...]

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking brings us fascinating new knowledge about our deadly, awe-inspiring universe which is a symphony of mathematic perfection.   1. The documentary begins with aliens, which is a subject that has been covered by dozens of documentaries. Not many featur[...]

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