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Millionaire Basement Wars documentary cover image

Millionaire Basement Wars

Run time01:21:08
Rated 100

Millionaire Basement Wars documentary. The basement building boom is in full swing as multinational millionaires are snapping up property within London’s most affluent districts such as Kensingt...

The Bully Project documentary cover image

The Bully Project

Run time01:32:30
Rated 100

A documentary on peer-to-peer bullying in schools across America. This year over 13 million American kids will be bullied online, on the bus, in school and at home. Lets put an end to it. Be...

Freddie Mercury: Who Wants to Live Forever documentary cover image

Freddie Mercury: Who Wants to Live Forever

Run time
Rated 100

No footage is available currently.   On Sunday 20th Channel 5 will be launching a new documentary series about the rock icon and Queen front-man Freddie Mercury titled: Fredd...

3D Printed Guns documentary cover image

3D Printed Guns

Run time00:24:10
Rated 100

With an ever increasing restriction on who can purchase fire arms in the United States there has been a rise in the interest of 3D printed guns. This documentary presented by Erin lee Carr e...

 Searching for Sugar Man documentary cover image

Searching for Sugar Man

Run time01:26:00
Rated 96

Searching for Sugar Man is a 2012 documentary film created by Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul about 2 African friends who embark on a journey to find out what happened to their favorite m...

Britains Illegal Rave Renaissance: LOCKED OFF documentary cover image

Britains Illegal Rave Renaissance: LOCKED OFF

Run time00:37:48
Rated 89

Britain’s Illegal Rave Renaissance: LOCKED OFF documentary. Out of all Brtiain’s cultural exports Rave has to one of the most infamous and brilliant. The first wave of rave in th...

My Scientology Movie documentary cover image

My Scientology Movie

Run time00:02:35
Rated 88

Preview clip of the documentary.   My scientology Movie is a documentary that many people have been waiting eagerly for since it was first announced more than 2 years ago. This film provide...

Weiner documentary cover image


Run time01:35:44
Rated 82

Weiner is a 2016 documentary created by directors, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg about the disgraced New York congressman Anthony Weiner. This documentary is more relevant than ever...

Catfish documentary cover image


Run time01:27:21
Rated 77

Watch Catfish online. Catfish is a documentary film which was released in 2010 by production companies, Relativity pictures and Rogue pictures and distributed by Universal pictures. This is...

Louis Theroux, Savile documentary cover image

Louis Theroux, Savile

Run time01:10:20
Rated 70

WARNING – Contains disturbing themes   A couple of years after the huge revelation of Jimi Saviles predatory sex campaign spanning more than 40 years and 15 years after documenta...

Who Needs Sleep? documentary cover image

Who Needs Sleep?

Run time01:18:18
Rated Unrated

Who Needs Sleep? A documentary directed by Oscar award winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler (1922–2015) who is famous for movies such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (197...

Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man documentary cover image

Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man

Run time00:30:43
Rated Unrated

Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man documentary. 25 year old James Young lost both an arm and a leg in a train accident back in 2012. He learnt to live life as an amputee however he wanted to get a pro...

SEIZED: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy documentary cover image

SEIZED: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy

Run time00:55:11
Rated Unrated

Seized: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy documentary. Amy Mortiz was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 13, for years she battled with seizures and now at the age of 48 she has not had one for over 1...

Last Whites of the East End documentary cover image

Last Whites of the East End

Run time00:59:22
Rated Unrated

The Last Whites of the East End documentary. In this film we look at the community of Newham, East London where in the last 15 years more than 70,000 immigrants from around the world have co...

The KKK: Behind The Mask documentary cover image

The KKK: Behind The Mask

Run time00:45:21
Rated Unrated

The KKK: Behind The Mask. A documentary profiling some of the key members in the new Ku Klux Clan, a racist group formed in Southern USA in 1866. Now it is only a shadow of its former self. At on...

Guns, Germs, and Steel documentary cover image

Guns, Germs, and Steel

Run time01:49:08
Rated Unrated

Based on Jared Diamond’s critically acclaimed book by the same name, ‘Guns, Germs, and Steel’, this documentary attempts to discover the reasons for inequality that spans the globe....

Moazzam Begg: Living the War on Terror documentary cover image

Moazzam Begg: Living the War on Terror

Run time01:23:32
Rated Unrated

Moazzam Begg: Living the War on Terror is a documentary that gives a first hand account of the rise of the modern Jihand described by ex-Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg. Begg is a British Pakist...

20,000 Days on Earth documentary cover image

20,000 Days on Earth

Run time01:10:39
Rated Unrated

20,000 Days on Earth is a musical drama documentary produced by British directors Iain Forsyth (b 1972) and Jane Pollard (b 1973). The film follows a day in the life of Nick Cave who is an Australian...


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