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Dark Days

2000 01:22:09 Unrated

  Brtish filmmaker Mark Singer decided to make the documentary “Dark Days” in the mid-nineties after moving to Manhatten from his home city of London and s...

Juiced Up - The Consequences of Steroids: Swole

2018 00:11:25 Unrated

  A new short documentary by the popular news site Vice examining negative impacts of steroids, something that has been a hot topic for years now.

Professor Green: Working Class White Men

2018 00:53:14 Unrated

Working Class White Men is a new Channel 4 documentary created by Professor Green about people in the UK who feel they do not have a voice. In the film, Mr Green visits a far-right...

Professor Green: Suicide and Me

2015 00:56:47 Unrated

Stephen Manderson, widely known by his rapper alias “Professor Green”, explores the serious suicide pandemic that has become a lot worse in recent times, not just...

Professor Green: Living in Poverty

2017 00:53:14 Unrated

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) has re-emerged as a documentary filmmaker from a background in rap music. “Living in Poverty,” tells the story of young pe...


2013 1:54:00 Unrated

John returns to his homeland in Australia to make a film about the Aboriginal Australians who are the oldest living culture in the world. The Aboriginals inhabited A...


2009 01:18:53 Unrated

  A film that follows trader's in Chicago who are working in an ever-changing environment with stock value rising and falling on a whim and the very technology used to...

KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy

2016 00:59:00

  Dan Murdoch presents a close-up and personal account of the white supremacist group The KKK. The clan has existed for more than 200 years though it is only a sh...

The Amish

2012 01:47:06 Unrated

The Amish are one of the most mysterious and well respected groups of people in the United States. This 2012 documentary produced by PBS and directed by David Belton take...

Face to Face a Plastic Surgery Story - Real Stories

2008 00:45:55 Unrated

English actress Leslie Ash famous for starring in the BBC sitcom Men Behaving Badly presents a documentary about plastic surgery, exploring it’s benefits, problems and pitfal...

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves - Real Stories

2000 00:49:26 Unrated

A documentary about Romany gypsy victims of racism in the Czech republic produced by True Vision. The genocide of Jews is well known but very few know that Romany Gypsies...

Baltimore Rising

2017 01:32:21 Unrated

A documentary following police officers, activists, community leaders and gang affiliates, who struggle to hold Baltimore together while keeping crime at record leve...

The Billion Pound Party

2017 00:28:16 Unrated

Stacey Dooley presents the Billion pound party, a documentary which investigates the DUP following the 2017 general election. In the film she meets with people who support the part...

The Truth About Muslim Marriage

2017 00:45:00 Unrated

A new channel 4 documentary presented by Dr Myriam François and directed by Anna Hall which looks into whether age-old marriage laws in the UK need to be updated o...

Mothers & Lovers - Girls Living On The Streets Of Brighton

2017 00:18:27 Unrated

A documentary about mothers who are living on the streets of Brighton. The story follows Paige who has just just moved into a hostel and Marie who has recently got addicted to hero...

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

2017 01:18:12

This feature-length documentary directed by Hannah Lux Davis is about the life of American singer, songwriter, and actress Demi Lovato. As the film's title “Sim...

Bomb Doctors: The Men With Nine Lives

2017 00:49:55 Unrated

This 2017 documentary by Real stories goes behind the scenes of the British Army’s Bomb Disposal Course. With unprecedented access the film shows what technology and ski...

The House of Jesus Documentary

2017 00:41:33 Unrated

A 2017 film that puts together evidence showing the house where Jesus potentially lived. This documentary has been placed under society since it is more related towards religion th...

Paradise Papers - The Ethics of Tax Havens

2017 00:28:26 Unrated

Just recently the “Paradise Papers” were released to the public revealing how celebrities, politicians and corporations are avoiding tax laws in their countries of...

My Russian Side

2014 00:54:17 Unrated

My Russian Side follows the story of Russian-New Zealand Adoptee Alex Gilbert. In 2013 he did a search for his Birth Parents using Social Media in Russia. This story follows the jo...