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Science Space documentaries

The Sky at Night, Outback Astronomy

Science Presenter Chris Lintott 2018 Unrated

Author and professor of Astrophysics Chris Lintott investigates the exploration of the cosmic dawn being conducted in the heart of the Australian Outback in this short 2018 documentary as part of the series "The Sky at Night".

Horizon: How to Build a Time Machine

Science Presenter Mark Gatiss 2018

The 2018 "How to Build a Time Machine" documentary looks at how close we have come to building a time machine.   For decades this has been the dream of many, inspired by the possibilities of moving backwards and forward in time that Einstein's theory of general relativity al[...]

The Flow of Time

The Flow of Time, a captivating documentary exploring the nature of time using Einstein's general theory of relativity as an anchor point.   The film discusses the implications of space-time, a reassuring idea that says everything that has existed still does on a fourth-dimensional ax[...]

The Science of Interstellar

ArtScience Presenter Matthew Mcconaughey 2014 Unrated

The Science of Interstellar: physicist Kip Thorne who worked on the Christopher Nolan movie "Interstellar" explains how the amazing visuals featured in the film are based on real science.   This documentary is a journey in wormholes, black holes, interstellar travel, and much mo[...]

NASA: Triumph and Tragedy

Science Presenter Alisdair Simpson 2009 Unrated

NASA: Triumph and Tragedy, a two-part documentary series hosted by Alisdair Simpson made in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing.   The film features recent interviews with many of the most well known Apollo astronauts including Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and[...]

Gravity and Me: The Force that Shapes our Lives

Science Presenter Jim Al-Khalili 2017 Unrated

Gravity and Me The Force that Shapes our Lives: British professor Jim Al-Khalili explores the amazing science of gravity.   Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces in the universe. For while we constantly feel it throughout our lives trotting about Earth, we still cannot understand w[...]

Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon

ScienceHistory Presenter Tom Hanks 2005 Unrated

Magnificent Desolation Walking on the Moon, a 2005 documentary by Mark Cowen which examines the story of the first 12 men on the Moon.   The film uses CGI, NASA footage and re-enactments with Tom Hanks (who played Commander Jim Lovell of Apollo 13 in "Apollo 13") narrating. &quo[...]

The Sky at Night, Guides, Galaxies

Science Presenter Chris Lintott 2018

The long-running BBC educational program "The Sky at Night" presents a guide to the galaxies. This documentary takes us on a fascinating journey through our discovery of knowledge about these unimaginably enormous collections of stars.   It tells the story beginning from a time[...]

The Sky at Night, Guides, Planets

Science Presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock 2018 Unrated

Planets have fascinated humans since the dawn of humanity, and have been named after gods. Our understanding of these objects has changed drastically over the last century and in hommage The Sky at Night, Guides, Planets takes us on a journey through our exploration of them.

Nova Wonders

Nova Wonders, a new six-part documentary series hosted by scientists Talithia Williams, Rana El Kaliouby and André Fenton which looks into some of the most intriguing and yet to be answered questions in science.   The episodes cover many different disciplines in science including b[...]

Light and Dark

Light has been used to reveal almost everything we know about the universe because that is what enables us to see the cosmos.   In the 2-part 2013 documentary "Light and Dark", British professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates how we have used light to explore our universe, with a s[...]

PBS Space Time

Science Presenter Matt O'Dowd 2018

PBS Space Time is a free documentary series that takes us through our deepest understandings about the universe we live in. What is in the deepest areas of space away from us? Where will entropy take us? How did the physics of the universe allow for carbon-based life to exist?   These are[...]

Through the Wormhole

ScienceMystery Presenter Morgan Freeman 2010 Unrated

Through the Wormhole season one, a landmark 6-part science documentary hosted by actor Morgan Freeman, who of course needs no introduction. The film is split into six sections that cover fundamental questions any curious mind would have about the universe and the nature of reality:   Is T[...]

The Fabric of the Cosmos

Science Presenter Brian Greene 2011

The Fabric of the Cosmos, a four-part science documentary hosted by American theoretical physicist Brian Greene which brings together our knowledge of the universe.   The first part examines what space actually is. The second part looks into the cosmos and the ide[...]

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