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The Universe Season 2

Science Presenter Erik Thomson 2008 Unrated

The Universe Season 2 is a series of educational science documentary films made in 2007.   The aim of the show is to answer popular scientific questions about the nature of the universe from the nature of black holes to solar systems, even the beginning of our reality. To explain the[...]

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a ground-breaking 13-part documentary series narrated by American Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson looking at many aspects of what we have learned about the very nature of reality.   The series is a direct follow up to the landmark documentary "Cos[...]

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage - Carl Sagan

Science Presenter Carl Sagan 1980

Cosmos with Carl Sagan makes one think deeply about the very fundamentals of our universe. Carl is one of the most well-known scientists in the world because of his ability to popularise scientific subjects by giving them profound meaning, a skill he demonstrates extensively in this documentary seri[...]

Chemistry: A Volatile History

Chemistry: A Volatile History, a science docutrio by the renowned British theoretical physicist, broadcaster and author Jim Al-Khalili about how chemists made discoveries which changed the way we live forever.   Chemistry is the study of how elements behave and with those being the b[...]

Dirty Pictures

  Dirty Pictures is a 2010 biographical drug documentary about Alexander Sasha Shulgin who was a chemist responsible for creating more than 200 psychedelic compounds including the notorious MDMA (Ecstacy).   Shulgin's vast number of discoveries made a massive impact on ps[...]

Science And Islam

  Educator, professor and documentary film guru Jim Al-Khalili explains the fascinating history of science and Islam in this feature-length documentary. To begin this journey you have to go back a very long time to the 8th century where the language of science was born in[...]

Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius

A documentary about determination and never giving up. Percy Julian was a pioneering research chemist specifically focusing on the synthesis of drugs from plants for medicinal purposes. He was the first person to synthesize physostigmine and worked on making industrial scale production of[...]

The Lives of Stars

Science Presenter Carl Sagan 1980

Episode 9 of Carl Sagans legendary series takes us into to the world of the giants, the light sources of our universe, and the varying types of stars we see throughout the cosmos. From blue giants, far larger than own sun to white dwarves which can be smaller than Earth. We look at how our live[...]

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