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Science documentaries

The Voyagers

ScienceSpace Presenter Penny Lane 2012 Unrated

The Voyagers, a "decade of Vimeo staff picks" short documentary by Penny Lane about two craft which changed the way we view our solar system forever.   There are many documentaries about the Voyager missions and this one provides another unique perspective on an epic story, taki[...]

Mars: Red and Dead

It was only 60-years-ago when many people still entertained the idea that there could be intelligent life on planet Mars. Ideas such as there being lush jungles on the surface and that tributary-like objects spotted through low-resolution telescopes could be canals made by intelligent beings. Of cou[...]

Do You Trust This Computer?

Do You Trust This Computer? This 2018 documentary by American filmmaker Chris Paine (known for Who Killed the Electric Car?) discusses the benefits and dangers of the technological revolution which is unfolding before our eyes on a daily basis.   We have all seen the movie "The Termi[...]

Hurricane the Anatomy

Science Presenter Mike O Meara 2018 Unrated

Hurricane the Anatomy, a 2018 3-part science documentary hosted by podcast personality Mike O'Meara examining the different stages of the development of a Hurricane.   The Hurricane is one of the most deadly forces of mother nature known to man here on Earth. In 1980 Hurricane Allen r[...]

Secret Life of the Brain

SciencePsychology Presenter Blair Brown 2002 Unrated

Secret Life of the Brain, a 5-part psychology documentary narrated by American theatre, film and television actress Blair Brown which explores several important developmental stages of the human brain.   The film features real human stories, dynamic imagery and information provided b[...]

Mysteries of the Abandoned: Armageddon Highway

ScienceMystery Presenter Kasper Michaels 2018 Unrated

Mysteries of the Abandoned: Armageddon Highway, a 2018 science documentary narrated by Kasper Michaels. A strange Cuban prison, an eerie escape route built for Armageddon, and an underwater marvel that changed history are mysteriously deserted engineering projects, and new discoveries reveal ho[...]

Chemistry: A Volatile History

HistoryScience Presenter Jim Al-Khalili 2010 Unrated

Chemistry: A Volatile History, a science docutrio by the renowned British theoretical physicist, broadcaster and author Jim Al-Khalili about how chemists made discoveries which changed the way we live forever.   Chemistry is the study of how elements behave and with those being the b[...]

The Secret Life of Plants

ScienceNature Presenter Walon Green 1979 Unrated

The Secret Life of Plants, a 1979 nature documentary based on the controversial 1973 book by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird with the same name.   Their book discusses ideas surrounding "plant sentience", a theory which describes how plants are able to experience pain and fe[...]

From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature

Science Presenter Helen Czerski 2018 Unrated

From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature, a new 2018 three-part science documentary series hosted by Dr Helen Czerski explaining the amazing world of temperature.   Everything in the universe has a state of heat, defined by how active a particular objects particles are[...]

What on Earth? Cannibals in the Ghost City

Science Presenter Steven Kearney 2018 Unrated

  What on Earth? Cannibals in the Ghost City is a 2018 science documentary narrated by actor Steven Kearney.   The film explores an abandoned city in the African jungle which might have a bloody past of malevolent spirits and cannibals. Mount Vesuvius shows signs that its awakenin[...]

The Truth About... Looking Good

The Truth About... Looking Good: The cosmetics industry in the UK is worth over £9 billion, selling products which promise to make us look younger, healthier and more attractive. Many of them claim to perform amazing transformations, but how much of what these products claim to do is based on[...]

The Impossible Flight

  Developing new aeronautical technologies which will help the aviation industry move away from fossil fuels has led engineers and scientists to build the Solar Impulse 2 and embark on "The Impossible Flight".   In March 2015 this aircraft made the first completely[...]

First Face of America

  First Face of America, a 2018 Nova documentary film with narration by Jay O. Sanders (The Day After Tomorrow) about possibly the oldest human remains ever found in America.   More than 13,000-years-ago a teenage woman fell 100-foot into a cave in Mexico’s Yucatán an[...]

Black Hole Apocalypse

SpaceScience Presenter Janna Levin 2018 Unrated

  Black Hole Apocalypse, a 2018 science documentary presented by American cosmologist Janna Levin about the most mysterious known objects in our Universe.   First described by Stephen Hawking in his famous publication "Occurrence of singularities in open universes" in 19[...]

Here you will find a curated collection of science documentaries covering a wide variety of topical subjects. From the very small to the very large, from the logical to completely counter-intuitive, these science documentary films offer us knowledge and a platform to brain storm upon. We only feature high quality science documentaries produced by some of the most talented film makers in the world which are available for discussing upon and reviewing. Know a science doc that should be on here? Please let us know!