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Music documentaries

Elvis Presley: The Last 24 Hours

BiographyMusic Presenter Elvis Presley 2004 Unrated

  An Elvis Presley documentary directed by Mike Parkinson. This Rockumentary examines the final 24 hours of the rock musicians life which over the years have been questioned time and time again. He died on August 16, 1977, in the bathroom of his mansion in Memphis, Tennessee f[...]

Prince: Last Year of a Legend

Prince: Last Year of a Legend: A new Channel 4 documentary about American songwriter and performer Prince Rogers Nelson (1958 – 2016). The film analysis the last year of his life before he tragically died at just 57, from an overdose of a powerful opioid-based painkiller at his home in Pa[...]

The Beatles - The Long and Winding Road

BiographyMusic Presenter The Beatles 2003 Unrated

A film that goes into extensive detail about the history of one of the most iconic Brtish Bands of all time. Directed by, Eduardo Eguia Dibildox and Brian Huckeba it goes into great detail about the history of the group from how each member got into music to filling out stadiums in the US.[...]

Queen: Rock the World

MusicBiography Presenter Queen 2017

A film following Queen band members, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon as they record their album “News of the World” and embark on their USA tour of 1977 to support its release. Their sixth studio album solidified the group from a popular act in the UK to a w[...]

Quadrophenia: Can You See the Real Me?

BiographyMusic Presenter Pete Townshend 2013 Unrated

A documentary about the making of Quadrophenia, the sixth studio album by the rock band the Who in 1973. Peter Townsend opens up as he revisits his experiences during the production of “last great album the Who ever made” one which was almost never made.   In the fil[...]

Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated

  This feature-length documentary directed by Hannah Lux Davis is about the life of American singer, songwriter, and actress Demi Lovato. As the film's title “Simply Complicated” suggests it follows her not so simple life in the public eye and living life as a regul[...]

The Last Waltz

BiographyMusic Presenter Martin Scorsese 1978 Unrated

The last Waltz is a 1976 documentary film about the last days of “The Band”, a rock group formed in Toronto Canada in 1964. The film is one of Martin Scorseses' earlier examples of direction which he made just two years after the landmark movie, Taxi driver starring Robert De Niro.&n[...]

Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime

MusicSociety Presenter Poet 2016 Unrated

Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime. Over the last couple of years there has been a huge popularity boost for the UK grime music scene with a number of MC’s rising to fame. This documentary explores the uprising of grime in Blackpool and the Youtube channel Blackpool Gr[...]

20,000 Days on Earth

MusicSociety Presenter Nick Cave 2014 Unrated

20,000 Days on Earth is a musical drama documentary produced by British directors Iain Forsyth (b 1972) and Jane Pollard (b 1973). The film follows a day in the life of Nick Cave who is an Australian musician most well known as the front man of the Alternative rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.[...]

20 Feet from Stardom

HistoryMusic Presenter Morgan Neville 2013 Unrated

American director Morgan Neville presents, 20 Feet from Stardom, a documentary about backup singers. The backup singer lives just outside the limelight of the lead singer in the pop world and never really gets the attention he/she probably deserves, something which lends to the documentari[...]

Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man is a 2012 documentary film created by Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul about 2 African friends who embark on a journey to find out what happened to their favorite musician, the mysterious 70’s rocker Rodriguez. Rodriguez (b 1942) was a folk singer durin[...]

Tool: Vicarious

BiographyMusic Presenter Tool 2007

A Tool documentary. Tool: Vicarious is a 2007 documentary film about the America rock band tool who formed in Los Angeles in 1990. The band consists of four members, drummer Danny Carey, Adam jones (guitarist), Maynard James Keenan (guitarist) and Justin Chancellor who is the front man and vocalist.[...]

Play It Loud: The Story of Marshall

The story of the Marshall amplification company which was founded in London in 1962, more than 50 years ago today by “lord of the loud” Jim Marshall.    The original prototype for the Marshall amp was created in Jim’s drum shop and was revolutionary despite it being[...]

Psychedelic Britannia

MusicSociety Presenter Nigel Planer 2015 Unrated

Psychedelic Britannia, a documentary about what many people to be the most visionary period in British music history roughly between the years 1965 and 1970.  This was a generation that discovered the drug LSD which shaped popular culture like never before and allowed a small group of talented[...]