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The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone documentary. The Stone Roses are one of the most iconic Manchester bands of all time. Formed in 1983 they were pioneers of the “Madchester...

Prince - The Glory Years

BiographyMusic Presenter Prince 2007 01:25:40

Prince documentary. On the untimely death of Prince at the age of 57 on April 21st 2016 we look back on the glory days of his music career in this film. Prince was an extremel...

The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story of Guns N roses

BiographyMusic Presenter Guns N roses 2016 01:29:59

Guns n Roses documentary. Since the world famous band has now reformed and started playing as their (almost) original line-up (vocalist Axl Rose, Slash, guitarists Tracii Guns and...

Pimp C: Long Live the Pimp

Music Presenter Pimp C 2016 00:27:42

A documentary looking back on the life and career of the American rapper Pimp C. He is considered to be one of the most influential figures in rap music and a was called the king o...

Adult Rappers

Music Presenter Paul Iannacchino 2015 01:01:29

A documentary about a group of dedicated “working class” rappers who are in limbo between making a living and perusing their music career. Paul Iannacchino tells the st...

Johnny Cash: American Rebel

BiographyMusic Presenter Johnny Cash 2015 01:22:28

A documentary about the life and persona of Johnny Cash, one of Country musics most famous musicians. To tell the story the film uses a lot of archive footage as well as...

The Story of AC/DC: Dirty Deeds

BiographyMusic Presenter AC/DC 2013 00:46:28

If you were to think of a band that was synonymous with rock and roll it would probably be AC / DC, the no nonsense, straight to the point band that came out of a small fan base in...

Behind the Music: Deep Purple

BiographyMusic Presenter Deep Purple 2013 00:46:28 Unrated

Looking behind the music of a band which rose to fame at the peek of psychedelic rock movement. This documentary focuses on the rock band Deep Purple who brought about a revolution...

The Doors: When Youre Strange

BiographyMusic Presenter Johnny Depp 2009 01:25:24

  A documentary about the American rock band The Doors constructed in chronological order. The Doors formed in Los Angeles in 1965 and went on to become one of th...


A documentary about Amy Winehouse. This is the story about the life and death of one of the best singers of our generation explained in her own words and by the people most close t...

Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here

BiographyMusic Presenter Pink Floyd 2012 00:59:14

Pink Floyd are one of, if not the most successful bands of all time. Their true world wide fame came with the release of the 1973  album, Dark Side Of The Moon. But their...

David Bowie and the Story of Ziggy Stardust

BiographyMusic Presenter Jarvis cocker 2013 00:59:48

When David Bowie played on TV screens in the early 1970’s music on planet earth would never be the same again. His first mainstream success was with the album “Space Od...

Edwyn Collins home Again

BiographyMusic Presenter Alex Kapranos 2007 00:29:23

An inspiring documentary about the Scottish musician Edwyn Collins. Collins formed the band Orange juice in 1979 and left to pursue a solo career in 1985. He is known world wide fo...


SocietyNatureMusicArt Presenter Ron Fricke 2011 01:36:38

  Samsara is a documentary that explores the world through images to discover the connection between humanity and nature. The film was shot in 25 different countries over 5...

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Funky Monks

When Flea, Anthony and Slovak formed the Red Hot Chill Peppers back in 1983 I don't think they could possibly have imagined how successful they were really going to be. Th...

Anvil: The Story of Anvil

BiographyMusic Presenter Sacha Gervasi 2008 00:59:21

You’ve almost certainly never heard of Anvil, and yet they are known as one of the most influential metal bands of their generation, without ever gaining commercial success....

Joy Division

Music Presenter Grant Gee 2007 01:35:45

A documentary about the famous English Post-punk rock band Joy Division, who formed in Salford in 1976. The film explores how the band got together and what influenc...


MusicSociety Presenter Michael Wadleigh 1970 03:35:06

  A documentary which gives a full chronicle of the highly legends Woodstock music festival in 1969. In the film, there are many famous acts including the late Jimi Hendrix...

Led Zeppelin - Closer To Heaven

BiographyMusic Presenter Unknown 2007 01:02:55 Unrated

A documentary profile of the world renowned rock god's; Led Zepplin were an English rock band who formed in 1968 and in the 12 years bettween 68' and 80 they made some of t...


BiographyHistoryMusic Presenter Kevin Macdonald 2012 02:25:07 Unrated

Bob Marleys music has changed the world and continues to do so despite his death more than three decades ago. This documentary explores the life, music and the legacy of the legend...