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Food & Drink documentaries

Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America

Obesity in America has reached a crisis point. Two out of every three Americans are overweight, one out of every three is obese. One in three is expected to have diabetes by 2050.   The 2010 documentary “Fast Food, Fat Profits: Obesity in America” with narration from acto[...]

Fat Head

Fat Head, a 2009 health and food documentary directed by American filmmaker Tom Naughton which aims to rebut the ideas presented in the 2005 documentary "Super Size Me" by Morgan Spurlock.   Yes there is no doubt that Super Size Me is easily the most pivotal documentary abo[...]

The Future of Food

  The Future of Food documentary by American filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia investigates genetically modified foods which have been sold in the United States since the 1990's and how they have affected the food industry.   GM foods are usually sold in normal packaging, giving[...]

The Dark Side of Chocolate

  The Dark Side of Chocolate brings to light the truth behind the West's favourite confectionary item.   This 2010 documentary which is narrated by Danish actor David Bateson takes us to cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast and Ghana where 80% of the world's chocolate orig[...]

Big Sugar

  Big Sugar has been big business, not just in recent years with the explosion of the junk food & drink industries but for centuries.   This documentary which was directed and narrated by top Canadian filmmaker Brian Mckenna shows how the sugar cartel came to be. Using dramati[...]

What the Health

  What the Health is a 2007 food & health documentary co-directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn which aims to expose negative health impact of dairy and meat products.   The film is a follow-up to the incredibly successful 2014 documentary "Cowspiracy" which focuse[...]


  Vegucated is a 2011 food and drinks documentary film which follows a group of three New Yorkers who take up the challenge of adopting a Vegan diet.   For six weeks they will give up their love for steak, cheese and burgers to find out what the vegan craze is all about. This won&[...]

Sugar Coated

  Is sugar the new tobacco? This is a question that Michèle Hozer asks for her 2015 documentary Sugar Coated which investigates how the food industry quashed hard science and stopped us talking about the toxicity of sugar.   The story begins back in the 70's during a se[...]

Food Matters

The 2008 documentary Food Matters, directed by James Colquhoun, Carlo Ledesma examines how the nutritional value of the food we eat can have positive and negative impacts on our health. Using opinions of doctors, journalists and nutritionists the film explores nutritional therapy, organic food an[...]

Fed Up

The 2015 Fed Up documentary by American journalist Katie Couric investigates why childhood obesity has dramatically increased in recent years.   The film focuses on the American Food industry, it's lobbying power and why we should look at how we gain weight in a different way. The US[...]

Did Cooking Make Us Human?

  In the Did Cooking Make Us Human? documentary Horizon asks whether eating cooked food prompted changes that helped humanity evolve. Today in the civilised world one would not think that cooking some bacon and eggs is anything particularly revolutionary and smart, however, there w[...]

Why Are We Getting So Fat?

  Dr Giles Yeo asks a simple straightforward question; why are we getting so fat? A question that is more relevant in 21st-century western societies than ever with an estimated 62% of adults officially considered obese in the UK, despite “miracle diets” being sold[...]

Roasted: A Coffee Documentary

Food & Drink Presenter Matt Ellenbogen 2014 Unrated

  Roasted follows Bird Rock Coffee Roasters‘ journey from small kiosk to big-time roaster. The Coffee documentary is perfect for those of you who are interested knowing how Coffee shops get started and become successful in an industry which is dominated by huge names such as Starbucks.[...]

The Truth About Alcohol

  The Truth About Alcohol documentary presented by Javid Abdelmoneim as part of his 2016 series “Trust Me I’m a Doctor”. Government guidelines and media coverage around the world provide massively contrasting opinions and facts in regards to how much alc[...]

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