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Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Rainforest

2016 00:22:17

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Rainforest. This is episode 4 in a six part series with Ray Mears covering many of the wonderful and diverse landscapes across Australia from North t...

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Bush

2016 00:22:20 Unrated

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Bush – episode 3. Ray Mears is delving back into the extraordinary and diverse landscape of Australia in this six part docu...

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Wetlands

2016 00:22:19 Unrated

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Wetlands – episode 2. Australia is a wonderfully diverse and expansive landscape giving home to some of the most amazing creatures on Eart...

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Reef

2016 00:22:18 Unrated

Wild Australia with Ray Mears: Reef – episode 1. Ray Mears is delving back into the extraordinary and diverse landscape of Australia in this five part document...

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle

2007 00:50:45 Unrated

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle. A story of one loggerhead turtle which makes a 9000 mile journey across the vast ocean to nest solo. She travels solo but she will not b...

Ice Station Antarctica

2016 00:59:09

BBC Horizon's Ice Station Antarctica documentary. The continent of Antartica has to be the last great wilderness of Earth that humans have yet to fully explore. This baron land...

Life on the Reef: Summer

2015 00:45:05 Unrated

Life on the Reef, the epic three part documentary series presented by Rupert Ried following life living on some of the most amazing reef habitats in the world, from the T...

Ray Mears - Australia: The Red Center

2009 00:22:40

In this edition of Ray Mears Extreme Survival we visit The Red Centre of Australia which is close to Ayer’s Rock, Alias Ulura. To explore this extremely deadly but beautiful...

Let it Snow - The Secrets of Nature

2014 00:52:12 Unrated

A snow flake is an ice crystal which forms in the Earths atmosphere, they begin their life as snow crystals which are created when super cooled cloud droplets freeze...

In the Mind of Plants

2016 00:52:16 Unrated

A documentary that takes a look into the largely unknown world of how plants communicate. As a result there is a whole new field of scientific research which now looks into the neu...

Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami?

2013 00:58:52 Unrated

Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami? This documentary investigates what this phenomena is using realistic CGI and expert advice from scientists working in the field. If a mega Tsunami...

Minute by Minute: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens

2001 00:45:42

A documentary about the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980. This film runs through the lives of eye witness and the key events leading up to the tremendous volcanic eruption...

The Great Global Warming Swindle

2007 01:15:57 Unrated

A documentary that challenges the famous documentary by Al Gore; “An Inconvenient Truth”. The Great Global Warming Swindle, as the name suggests tackles some of the sci...

Lifes Rocky Start

2016 00:51:57 Unrated

A NOVA produced documentary which looks into how rocks are fundamental to life on earth. Around four billion years ago the Earth was nothing like it is today, it was a hellish worl...

Nova: Deadliest Tornadoes

2012 00:53:17

A documentary about the worlds deadliest tornadoes. In 2011 the U.S had one the worst tornado seasons in decades which left a trail of destruction and killed more than 550 people....

Great Barrier Reef With David Attenborough - Episode One

2016 00:57:31

The First episode in the series, The Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. Back in 1957 David made his first trip to this natural wonder of the world which is considered...

The Next Mega Quake

2005 00:48:44

Back in 2004 we were all shocked by one of the most massive natural disasters of all time which claimed the lives of thousands of people. The 2004 Boxing day earthquake devastated...


2010 01:42:57

Starting around 2010 all across America rural landowners have been receiving lucrative land rental offers from energy companies.. the reason? They think they will find chambers of...

Colour: The Spectrum of Science Ep1 Colours of Earth

2015 00:50:32

Planet Earth is the most colouful place that we know of, it is a huge part of what makes our home so special. But what is colour? And how has our peception of it shaped the hi...

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

2009 00:59:29 Unrated

A documentary about evolution. Earth is the only known planet which sustains life and it does so with a huge abundance, from the north pole to the south the planet is teaming with...