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Engineering documentaries

Nukes in Space

Nukes in Space, a 1999 documentary by Peter Kuran with narration from American actor William Shatner (Star Trek) about the development of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in both Russia and the United States.   Kuran is known for his visual effect works on many high-profile m[...]

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out

  Architects and engineers speak out giving their thoughts on the conspiracy theory that the twin towers and WTC 7 were all brought down by controlled explosives.   This feature-length documentary film by architect Richard Gage provides an objective approach to covering the truth[...]

The Impossible Flight

  Developing new aeronautical technologies which will help the aviation industry move away from fossil fuels has led engineers and scientists to build the Solar Impulse 2 and embark on "The Impossible Flight".   In March 2015 this aircraft made the first completely[...]

Building Giants: Arctic Mega Bridge

Engineering Presenter Josh Goodman 2018 Unrated

  Building Giants: Arctic Mega Bridge is a 2018 engineering documentary about the Hålogaland Bridge, longest suspension bridge in the Arctic Circle.   This suspension bridge was built to cross the Rombaksfjorden in the municipality of Narvik in Nordland county, Noway. Constr[...]

Mega Machines: World's Greatest Hovercraft

  The 2018 Mega Machines: World's Greatest Hovercraft documentary narrated by Scottish-New Zealand actor Erik Thompson explores the worlds most advanced gravity-defying machine in commercial use.   This hovercraft can float on a cushion of air at speeds of up to 50-miles-per-h[...]

Particle Fever

  Particle Fever is a 2013 science documentary which follows scientists working at CERN in Europe who are making groundbreaking discoveries and changing our fundamental understanding of the universe.   The film takes us back to 2008 when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva[...]


  Objectified is a 2009 art and engineering documentary created by American photographer Gary Hustwit.   The film looks at our close relationship with manufactured objects and those who make them a reality. Objectified takes us behind the scenes to see how some of the coolest tech[...]

Engineering an Empire

  Engineering an Empire is a series of 14 documentaries that go over the world's history and it's many accomplishments in the realms of engineering.    The documentaries which are narrated by American actor Peter Weller (Robocop) cover many of the major brea[...]

BBS: The Documentary

  BBS: The Documentary, an eight-part series directed by Jason Scott about the rise of the revolutionary bulletin board software. It’s a humbling documentary that takes us back to the origins of the internet with people who participated on BBS and those who wrote th[...]

America: The Story of Us - Cities

  Hollywood actor Liev Schreiber hosts America: The Story of Us - Cities, which looks into how America built modern cities from the ground up and created modern steel symbols such as the Empire State building.

Arduino - The Documentary

Arduino the documentary is a look at the story of the open-source hardware board that now artists, engineers, students use to build many things.

Engineering Giants

Engineering Presenter Rob Bell 2012 Unrated

  In this engineering documentary series presented by comedian Tom Wrigglesworth and Rob Bell, some of the worlds biggest and most complex machines are stripped down to reveal how they work. In the first episode, a 200-tonne jumbo jet (Boeing 747) is painstakingly taken apart to be insp[...]

The Age of Aerospace

  A series of films about the tremendous advances in Aerospace technology over the last 100 years by The American company Boeing and other pioneers in the technology. The first episode begins with the first flight by the Wright Brothers who created a fixed-wing craft powered by a bicycle whi[...]

Inside Chernobyls Mega Tomb

Engineering Presenter Gwyn Williams 2016 Unrated

Chernobyl isn’t known worldwide as a city but a nuclear disaster. It was once an idyllic and prosperous place in Soviet Russia with an economy that revolved around the power station and farming but on 26 April 1986 everything changed when due a series of careless mista[...]

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