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Fourteen Days in May

1987 Unrated

  Fourteen Days in May, a crime documentary directed by Paul Hamann about the final days of Edward Earl who was executed by gas chamber in Mississippi on May 20th, 198...

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?

2016 02:00:00 Unrated

  A documentary film about the D.B. Cooper case. On November 24th, 1971, a man calling himself Dan Cooper booked a one-way ticket on Northwest Airlines from Portl...

Killing Jimmy Hoffa

2014 00:22:32 Unrated

  Jimmy Hoffa was one of America's most powerful men. He fought the Kennedy's, made deals with the Mafia, and controlled 2 million union members. This document...

Truth and Lies: The Charles Manson Family

2017 01:20:39 Unrated

  A 2017 ABC “Truth and Lies” documentary hosted by David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas exploring the ruthless Manson Family. The Manson Family, or simply...

Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution - Holocaust

2005 00:45:00 Unrated

The holocaust was one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century. Conducted between 1933 and 1945 it was the systematic murder of more than 6 million people mos...

Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web

2011 01:28:55 Unrated

Silk Road was dubbed as being the “Amazon of the dark web”. Operating on the Onion encryption network (Tor), Silk road conducted all kinds of criminal activit...

Professor Green: Dangerous Dogs

2017 00:46:25 Unrated

Professor Green returns to present a documentary about dangerous and illegal dogs. There is not a week that goes by without learning about someone being seriously injured or killed...

The 16-Year-Old Killer: Cyntoia Browns Story

2012 00:56:34 Unrated

The 16 year old Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to life in prison in 2010 for the murder of 43 years old Johnny Allen in 2004. The case has sprung back into the public e...

Lifers and Violent Men Behind Bars

2017 00:46:52

A two part documentary series that goes behind the bars of prisons in the UK to interview men who are serving long sentences for violent crimes. Some of the inmates have spent more...

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan Mark Riebe

2017 00:45:00 Unrated

  Broadcaster Piers Morgan interviews serial killer Mark Riebe in this candid documentary. Mark Riebe (56) is one of Florida’s most ruthless murde...

Ross Kemp Behind Bars - Inside Barlinnie

2017 00:47:46

The legendary English broadcaster Ross Kemp goes inside HM Prison Barlinnie to find out what it’s like in one of Scotland’s most notorious prisons. &n...

Paul Durousseau Serial Killer

2013 00:43:32 Unrated

A documentary about The Jacksonville Serial Killer Paul Durousseau who murdered at least seven young women in the southeast United States between 1997 and 2003.

The Thin Blue Line

1988 01:54:50 Unrated

The Secret Life of Prisons

2016 00:50:08 Unrated

Clip available only.   The Secret Life of Prisons is a new 2016 documentary about the world behind bars in UK prisons. The film shows how prison staff are losing co...

Gangland: Turf Wars

2016 00:47:00

WARNING – Contains graphic concealment of drugs and violence.   “Gangland turf wars” is the first episode in a two-part documentary series pr...

Reggie Yates in a Texan Jail

2016 00:59:26 Unrated

Reggie Yates spends one week in a Texan Jail in this documentary, living alongside some hardened criminals. America has the largest prison population in the world and Reggie Yates...

The Imposter

2012 01:38:35

The imposter watch online. A 2012 documentary film about a young Spanish man who made the astonishing claim that he was in fact the son of an American family who had been missing f...

True Crime: The Black Dahlia mystery

2006 00:44:29 Unrated

The Black Dahlia, a documentary about the much publicised death of 22 year old Elizabeth Short in 1947. The name “Black Dahlia” was given to her by the newspapers which...

Taxi to the Dark Side

2007 01:46:05 Unrated

Taxi to the Dark side is a 2007 documentary produced by critically acclaimed film makers Alex Gibney, Eva Orner and Susannah Shipman. This film focuses on the killing of an Af...

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

2015 00:20:00

The internet has the power to create both freedom and chaos. This documentary produced by Norton security and directed by Sean Dunne is about the “most dangerous to...

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