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Conspiracy documentaries


This is the story of Citizenfour, an alias for Edward Snowden, the whistle blower who exposed many of the NSA's most guarded secrets VIA encrypted e-mail. As we watch citizenfour online we learn the story of why Edward Snowden went to such lengths to reach out to a reporter and have nu[...]

Inside Job

A documentary about the massive financial crash of 2008 which cost more than $20 trillion and was the biggest global finance crash since the great depression of the 1930’s. At the beginning of 2008 the public, generally speaking could not have imagined what would have happened to the[...]

The Revelation Of The Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza are a true wonder of the ancient world and indeed the only one to still be standing. If you take into account what it took to create such incredible monuments in such a short period of time then it almost seems unbelievable. This documentary explores and questions what the commo[...]


Hillsborough documentary. A deeply harrowing account of how ninety six spectators attending a football match died as a result of the ineptitude of the Police in charge of controlling the crowd ...the Football Association who knew of previous crush problems associat[...]

Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. Explores something which every human needs to live: Food. Most of us probably do not even think about where are food comes from or where its produced. This documentary explores exactly where our food comes from (in America) with a focus on the fast food industry. The documentary explores[...]


McLibel is a documentary which looks at the biggest PR disaster in the food giant McDonald's history. libel laws were used by McDonalds to ensure that there was no criticism towards their company which worked very well until they sued Helen Steel and postman Dave Morris. The case led t[...]

The Cove

Shallow Water. Deep Secret: A documentary which takes us into the hidden world of the cove. The Cove explores the lives of dolphins and also looks into and questions the Japanese hunting practices used to kill them. Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010 The Cove seeks to educa[...]

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room

Enron was an energy corporation which was founded in Omaha, Nebraska, United States in 1985. this documentary explores what was going inside the company which lead to it ceasing operations on December 2nd 2001 due to bankruptcy, also known as the “Enron scandal”. The scandal involve[...]

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 1: Beyond Death

Season 1 episode 1 of the documentary series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Is there life after death? This is a question that seems to be encoded in the human psyche, the idea that that you will move out of your current physical existence into another one. Firstly Morgan meets a man who ship[...]

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 3: Who is God?

In The Story of God With Morgan Freeman episode three we explore the idea of who god might be.  Cultures around the world worship their religion in many different ways however they all agree that there is one overall force that created the universe. To investigate Morgan travels around the worl[...]

John Pilgers view of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

John Pilgers eye opening view of the politics surrounding the 2016 American Presidential Election makes for depressing listening if you choose to believe that it was not democracy at work...enjoy and debate.

Kurt & Courtney

  Kurt & Courtney, a 1998 documentary directed by British filmmaker Nick Broomfield about the tumultuous relationship between Kurt Cobain, Cortney Love and circumstances surrounding the Nirvana guitarists death.   Cobain and Love were both musicians, though Kurt was the frontm[...]

Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 911

Produced and directed by the world famous Michael Moore, this documentary looks deep into the equilibrium surrounding 9/11 and brings some interesting details into light. Michael More makes connections between the Bush administration and the Bin Laden family and much more.


This documentary is all about connecting the dots. Zeitgeist looks into some of the worlds largest institutions and governments and divides them into their primary parts: Religion: Pagan astrological beliefs which reveals some interesting connections between the ancient world and the moder[...]