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Secrets of the Nazi Occult

Conspiracy Presenter Tom Ward 2016 00:45:10 Unrated

The Secrets of the Nazi Occult documentary explores a number of different theories surrounding Nazism and the occult. These ideas have been since the 1940’s but grew in popul...

The Conspiracy Files: Who Shot Down MH17

The Conspiracy Files: Who Shot Down MH17? This was one of the worst blunders in aviation history, a civilian Jet (Malaysian Airlines flight MH17) with 298 passengers being shot ove...

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 3: Who is God?

ConspiracySociety Presenter Morgan Freeman 2016 01:03:39

In The Story of God With Morgan Freeman episode three we explore the idea of who god might be.  Cultures around the world worship their religion in many different ways however...

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 2: Apocalypse

ConspiracyMystery Presenter Morgan Freeman 2016 00:49:59

The second episode in the documentary series presented by Morgan Freeman: The Story of God. In the second episode episode we look into the Apocalypse, a tale described in almo...

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 1: Beyond Death

ConspiracyMystery Presenter Morgan Freeman 2016 00:50:00

Season 1 episode 1 of the documentary series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. Is there life after death? This is a question that seems to be encoded in the human psyche, the i...

In Debt We Trust: America Before the Bubble Bursts

ActivismConspiracySociety Presenter Danny Schechter 2006 01:29:20 Unrated

In Debt We Trust is an expose of the rising crisis of debt in North America. The film focuses on the collusion of credit card companies, lobbyists, corporate media and the US gover...

Storyville Exposed: Magicians, Psychics And Frauds

ConspiracyMystery Presenter Tyler Measom 2015 01:15:21 Unrated

Documentary looking at the life and work of one of the greatest magicians of his generation James ‘the amazing’ Randi. Randi worked as an illusionist and magician for o...

Apollo Zero

Conspiracy Presenter Apollo Zero 2011 01:00:08

The documentary Apollo Zero seeks to prove that no man has ever walked on the surface of the moon, a conspiracy that has been floating around for years now. The core hypothesis is...

2012 Crossing Over A New Beginning

Conspiracy Presenter Brave Archer Films 2012 01:44:04

A lot of people were led to believe that the world would end on December 21st 2012. This was mainly because the ancient Mayan people’s calendar ended on that day. N...

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

ConspiracyTechnology Presenter Molly Malcolm 2010 00:52:53

The light Bulb conspiracy documentary starts in 1928 when a number of businessmen decided that when the products they are selling are made to last a long time it is ...

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Conspiracy Presenter Adam Curtis 2011 03:00:00 Unrated

A documentary mini series by Adam Curtis which shows that machines have inhabited the human world. As we surf the internet and send text messages it is easy to forget that we are r...

Where is Flight MH370?

ConspiracyHistory Presenter Amanda Drew 2014 00:59:28

Documentary about Malaysia airlines flight MH370. The disappearance of Malaysia airlines flight MH370 on march 8th 2014 caught the attention of the entire world as nation after nat...

War on Kids

A film that takes a look into the lengths at which the government of the United State is going to on “the war on drugs”. The documentary looks specifically into op...

North Korea: The Great Illusion

ConspiracySociety Presenter Michaël Sztanke 2012 00:49:42

A documentary that takes us into the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea. After more than two years of trying to obtain access to the country documentary film make...

Matrix of Evil

Conspiracy Presenter Alex Jones 2003 02:02:45

Alex Jones takes on the government to reveal to the world the wickedness which apparently is controlling the united states. Released in 2003 Matrix Of Evil features speeches by Ale...

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Conspiracy Presenter Chris White 2012 03:10:44 Unrated

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a documentary which aims to debunk not just some but all of the claims made in the 2010 history channel series, Ancient Aliens which has only fueled the...

The Great Global Warming Swindle

ConspiracyEnvironment Presenter Matt Durkin 2007 01:15:57 Unrated

A documentary that challenges the famous documentary by Al Gore; “An Inconvenient Truth”. The Great Global Warming Swindle, as the name suggests tackles some of the sci...

Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy

Conspiracy Presenter Malcolm McDowell 1998 01:44:01

NAZIs: The Occult Conspiracy explores the dark and mysterious beliefs of top ranking NAZI party members from Rudolph Hess to Himmler to the Fuhrer himself, Adolf hitler. In their m...

Area 51: I Was There

ConspiracyHistory Presenter Christopher Kent 2011 00:45:00

Area 51 is a place known to people around the world however very few people know anything about what actually happens there.  The work that takes place at area 51 is so secret...

Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones

Conspiracy Presenter Dave Bishop 2013 00:39:32 Unrated

A documentary about the illusive Georgia guide stones. The Georgia Guide stones structure was erected in 1980 and is a granite monument located in Elbert County, Georgia, USA. The...