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Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan

The Orangutan is one of the most endangered species in the world thanks to the destruction of their natural habitat because of deforestation and through illegal hunting.   For ten years a team of medics has been working in the jungles of Borneo to help save this critically endangered anim[...]

Mountain Lions: Big Cats in High Places

David Attenborough takes us into the wilderness of North America in this 2015 documentary "Mountain Lions: Big Cats in High Places" to reveal the true nature of the continents big cat.   The film follows two families of Mountain Lions set on the fabulous backdrop of the Rocky Mo[...]

Secret Life of Cats

Animal Presenter Martin Clunes 2014 Unrated

Secret Life of Cats, a 2014 Horizon documentary hosted by British actor Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) that takes us into the secret world of cats to reveal some of their astonishing abilities and behaviours.   Why does your cat purr? Where does it really go once it leaves your house and how[...]

Big Cats: Series 1

  Big Cats: Series 1, a new 3-part 2018 BBC documentary series narrated by English actor Bertie Carvel (Les Misérables (2012)) which reveals new secrets about big cats using the latest developments in scientific research and filming technologies.   Part 1 follows Lions in R[...]

Arctic Wolf Pack

  A 2018 nature documentary which follows an Arctic Wolf Pack living on Ellesmere Island at the most northerly point of North America.   White wolves are some of the toughest animals on the planet as they thrive in some of the harshest weather conditions mother nature can produce.[...]

Frozen Planet

Prolific British naturalist Sir David Attenborough takes us to the final frontiers of Earth in Frozen Planet; the Arctic and Antarctic in this 2011 documentary series produced by the BBC.   While the north and south poles of Earth are incredibly inhospitable places, they are full of[...]

Africa - David Attenborough

In the 2013 documentary series "Africa" David Attenborough explores the vast array of wildlife and habitats of across the great continent of Africa. Episode 1 Kalahari - David explores the deserts of south-west Africa which is home to white meercats and huge black Rhinos. With almost no[...]

Cat Wars

AnimalSociety Presenter Rebecca Front 2014 Unrated

Cats are the most popular pet in the West. It is estimated that more than 10 million live in the UK alone which cat loves will be happy about however there are some who feel they are nothing more than a garden pest.   The Cat Wars BBC documentary meets with people on both sides of opinion[...]

Raccoon Nation

Animal Presenter Nora Young 2011 Unrated

Are human beings, in an effort to outwit racoons, actually making them smarter and unconsciously contributing to their evolutionary success? The 2011 documentary “Raccoon Nation” looks into this intriguing question by talking to scientists whose work revolves around working on this theor[...]

Dogfighting Undercover

  In 2005 a BBC investigative team went undercover to show the reality of the world of international dogfighting.   Dogfighting Undercover captures on camera the savagery of organised fights and the sales of illegal dog breeds such as American Pitbull Terriers for the purpose[...]

The Rise Of The Mammals

  Mammals make up some of the most adaptive species on the planet thanks to evolution over the course of millions of years since before the extinction of the Dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The documentary The Rise Of The Mammals presented by the dedicated naturalist and educator S[...]

Walking with Beasts

Animal Presenter Kenneth Branagh 2001

Walking with Beasts: A revolutionary series that was a follow up to the landmark BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs. These documentaries take us into the world of the Cenozoic era which is a Geologic time period around 66 million years ago, just after the Tunguska event which wiped out the[...]

Attenborough And The Giant Elephant

World renowned English naturalist David Attenborough uncovers the story of one of the most famous animals of all time; Jumbo. This African elephant arrived at London Zoo in 1865 as a part of a ploy to bring exciting new creatures to the park which would inspire the masses, they exceed[...]

Across the Alps with Sled Dogs

Animal Presenter Susanne Roser 2014

A journey across the alps with sled dogs directed by Susanne Roser.

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