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The Rise Of The Mammals

2016 00:53:00 Unrated

  Mammals make up some of the most adaptive species on the planet thanks to evolution over the course of millions of years since before the extinction of the Dinosaurs 66 m...

Attenborough and the Sea Dragon

2018 00:00:31 Unrated

  Naturalist Sir David Attenborough is back to investigate a remarkable 200 million-year-old fossil of a giant sea dragon found off the coast of Britain. Using state o...

Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants

2017 00:59:00 Unrated

  This documentary is the latest in a series by the great naturalist Sir David Attenborough following Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur and Attenborou...

Walking with Beasts

2001 00:30:00 Unrated

  A revolutionary series that was a follow up to the landmark BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs. These documentaries take us into the world of the Cenozoic era which i...

Attenborough And The Giant Elephant

2017 00:00:31 Unrated

World renowned English naturalist David Attenborough uncovers the story of one of the most famous animals of all time; Jumbo. This African elephant arrived at London Zoo ...

Across the Alps with Sled Dogs

2014 00:42:30 Unrated

A journey across the alps with sled dogs directed by Susanne Roser.

BBC Blue Planet II

2017 59.00

BBC Blue Planet II is a follow up to the massively popular 2001 nature documentary series exploring the worlds oceans. The series was first shown on BBC one on October 29th 20...

African Cats

2011 01:59:13 Unrated

African Cats is a 2011 documentary film narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by nature film maker Alaster Fothergill (Blue Planet 2001) about two different cat families livi...

The Chameleons of Madagascar

2004 01:18:34 Unrated

A 2004 documentary about the Chameleons of Madagascar narrated by Mitch Earle. The Chameleon is one of the strangest, most illusive, colorful and rare reptiles in th...

Koalas: Slow Life In The Fast Lane

2012 00:42:19 Unrated

A Koala documentary presented by Shane Jacobson. The Koala is a one of the most famous animals in the world and is native to Australia living for the most part on the South Eastern...

Hyena: Families in the Wild

1999 00:51:14

The Hyena is one of the most feared animals on the planet, and if you do not believe that try walking through the African plains and confronting a number of them; its a big scary p...

Grizzly Man

2006 00:02:20 Unrated

Trailer to Grizzly Man only – full film is not available.   Grizzly Man is a 2006 documentary film following the live of Timothy Treadwell who was a pers...

Jaguar: Year of the Cat

1995 00:54:30 Unrated

“Jaguar: Year of the Cat” is a 1995 documentary film published by pbs and hosted by silver-screen Hollywood producer George Page. This film is a unique diary of th...

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice

2012 00:59:09 Unrated

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice is a documentary presented by English anatomist Dr. Alice Roberts (b 19 May 1973) that reveals some of the secrets of one of the...

March of the Penguins

2005 01:02:52 Unrated

Penguin documentary. The 2005 national geographic documentary film, March of the Penguins takes us on a journey to the south pole in order to see the Emperor Penguins in their trad...

Saving Otter 501

2013 00:53:39

A sea otter documentary which follows the story of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 501st orphaned otter as Karl Mayer and his team attempt to save its life and te...

The Eagle Owl: The Lord of the Night

2011 00:52:06

“The Lord of the Night: The Eagle Owl” documentary. The eagle owl is a species of bird which lives throughout most of Eurasia and is often referred to as the european e...

The Last Orangutan Eden

2015 00:52:58

The Last Orangutan Eden, an Orangutan documentary exploring the conservation efforts to help save the primate in its last home in Northern Sumatra. The “person of the forest&...

Indian Leopard: In the Killing Fields

2004 00:51:08 Unrated

Indian Leopard documentary. The Indian Leopard (Panthera paradus fusca) is a subspecies of the Leopard family and is located across the Indian continent.  This big cat has dis...

Tarantula: Australias King of Spiders

2005 00:44:56

Tarantula documentary. The Tarantula is a large and hairy arachnid which is a part of the Theraphosidae spider family. This one of the most varied species on the planet since there...

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