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Animal documentaries

Waterworld Africa

AnimalNature Presenter Tapfuma Makina 2017 Unrated

Waterworld Africa is an eight-part documentary series hosted by Tapfuma Makina which takes us on a safari through Africa, exploring the continents vast array of unique wildlife, and how the presence of water has enabled plants and animals to thrive.   Tidal Forest of Africa. Part one take[...]

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities: Series 4

In David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities: Series 4, British naturalist Sir David Attenborough look's at some of the weird and wonderful anomalies in the evolution of nature.

Big Cats: Series 1

  Big Cats: Series 1, a new 3-part 2018 BBC documentary series narrated by English actor Bertie Carvel (Les Misérables (2012)) which reveals new secrets about big cats using the latest developments in scientific research and filming technologies.   Part 1 follows Lions in R[...]

Arctic Wolf Pack

NatureAnimal Presenter Campbell Scott 2018 Unrated

  A 2018 nature documentary which follows an Arctic Wolf Pack living on Ellesmere Island at the most northerly point of North America.   White wolves are some of the toughest animals on the planet as they thrive in some of the harshest weather conditions mother nature can produce.[...]

70 Million Animal Mummies: Egypt's Dark Secret

  The Ancient Egyptians believed that the mummification process was a way of passage into the after-life, it turns out that they not only mummified humans but animals too.   70 Million Animal Mummies have been discovered in Egypt since the 19th century. Now researchers from Manche[...]

Aliens of the Deep

  The Aliens of the Deep documentary proves that you don't have to look into deep space to find creatures that look like they are not from our planet.   In the depths of the deepest oceans live some of the stranges animals you could possibly imagine. While oceans cover over 70[...]

A Murder Of Crows

NatureAnimal Presenter Nora Young 2010 Unrated

  A Murder Of Crows shows us crows like never before with narration by Canadian broadcaster and writer Nora Young.   Of all birds, crows are pretty much the most disliked apart from vultures maybe, but they tend to not gather near to where people live so the beef is not strong wit[...]

Frozen Planet

Prolific British naturalist Sir David Attenborough takes us to the final frontiers of Earth in Frozen Planet; the Arctic and Antarctic in this 2011 documentary series produced by the BBC.   While the north and south poles of Earth are incredibly inhospitable places, they are full of[...]


  Sharkwater "The Truth Will Surface" is a 2006 documentary created to help save sharks by advocating a ban on Canadian shark fin imports, written and directed by Rob Stewart.   The documentary shows sharks in their natural habits using underwater photography, shedding a[...]


  Microcosmos (Le peuple de l'herbe) is a 1996 French nature documentary co-directed by Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou which takes us into the world of insects.   To capture these aliens worlds in meadows and ponds Microcosmos uses special macro lenses to provide amaz[...]

When Dinosaurs Roamed America

NatureAnimal Presenter John Goodman 2001 Unrated

When Dinosaurs Roamed America is a two-hour nature documentary film narrated by American actor John Goodman (The Big Lebowski, 10 Cloverfield Lane) about the history of dinosaurs on the continent of America.   The film features dinosaurs created by Paleo-artist and art director Mark Dubea[...]

Africa - David Attenborough

  In the 2013 documentary series "Africa" David Attenborough explores the vast array of wildlife and habitats of across the great continent of Africa. Episode 1 Kalahari - David explores the deserts of south-west Africa which is home to white meercats and huge black Rhinos. With[...]

Prehistoric Park

Animal Presenter Nigel Marven 2006 Unrated

Prehistoric Park is a 2006 docu-fiction dinosaur series presented by British wildlife lover Nigel Marven.   The story which is stylised into documentary format follows Nigel as he uses a time machine to go back in time and collect dinosaurs and other extinct animals. Once he finds them th[...]

Walking with Monsters

NatureAnimal Presenter Kenneth Branagh 2005 Unrated

Walking with Monsters is a 2005 3-part documentary presented by Irish actor Kenneth Branagh which takes us back to a time before dinosaurs.   Using state of the art (as of 2005) CGI and filming techniques the documentary brings back this amazingly fruitful time in history back to life so[...]

A curated collection of Animal documentaries covering a range of different animals. From the powerful, the small to the tall and strange animal documentary films give us a unique view into a world that we rarely see. Docur features only high quality documentaries which have been chosen for their presentation and factual merit. If you know of an Animal documentary that is not here please let us know.