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The Hacker Wars

2014 01:31:20 Unrated

  The Hacker Wars, a documentary about hacktivists who are using online technologies to bring about social change and are a target for the US government. The film foll...


2005 01:35:00 Unrated

  Earthlings, a documentary about humankind's total reliance on animals for economic purposes narrated by American actor and producer Joaquin Phoenix. The fil...

An Open Secret

2015 01:38:00 Unrated

  “An Open Secret”; Exposing the child sexual abuse in Hollywood. Amy Berg presents one of the first documentaries that targeted the huge amount of sexual...

The New Rulers of the World

2001 00:53:00 Unrated

  John Pilger takes a look at the global economy and shows that divisions between the rich and the poor are greater than ever. This documentary was made in 2001 a...

High Chaparral

2016 00:09:00 Unrated

  High Chaparral is a short documentary film directed by David Freid about Swedens Wild West Approach to the Syrian refugee crisis. The country will be accepting...

Ross Kemp: Libyas Migrant Hell

2017 00:54:15 Unrated

A shocking documentary created by veteran broadcaster Ross Kemp about the slave trade in Libya. This is a huge problem and has not received nearly enough international attenti...

Iceland Nation of Bastards

2017 01:11:06 Unrated

A feature length documentary film about the growing number of children who are born out of wedlock. 

Alan Shearer: Dementia, Football and Me

2017 01:00:38 Unrated

Newcastle football legend Alan Shearer investigates whether there is a connection between playing a lot of football and the dementia. This is has been a hot topic in the news...

Whose Streets?

2017 00:02:01 Unrated

Trailer for the documentary is only available for free currently. Whose Streets? is a 2017 documentary about the Ferguson uprising created by Sabaah Folayan; co-director Damon...

Be aware and share

2016 01:35:22

Refugee crisis 2015. A young man wanted to make himself useful and started a wave of empathy. He mobilized lots of people for his project and founded an association. During one sin...

What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

2016 00:27:08 Unrated

“What Hillary Clinton Really Represents”, American journalist Abby Martin presents and in-depth look into how the multimillion dollar Clinton political machine ope...

Steal This Film

2006 01:17:01

“Steal This Film” is a two part film documentary about the movement against intellectual property as it stood in 2006/07. Featuring interviews with people who have...

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

2011 02:41:25 Unrated

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is a feature length documentary film that presents a case for moving from the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the world to...

Roger & Me

1989 01:43:54 Unrated

Roger and me is the first documentary produced by the world renowned film producer Michael More. In this film Michael Moore chases the CEO of General motors in the quest for answer...

No Impact Man: The Documentary

2009 01:31:44 Unrated

  No Impact Man, A Documentary film from 2009 that tells the story of author Colin Beavan, who went completely "green," in order to send a message about...

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

2008 00:02:27

Trailer only! Unfortunately this awesome documentary is not freely available online.   Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, is a 2008 Gonzo Journalis...

2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning

2012 01:32:54

This life changing film explores a 'positive' spiritual perspective regarding the extraordinary significance of 'December 21, 2012' and thereafter. Original Film Ti...

Marathon Day: Boston 15.4.13, There are two sides to every story

2013 01:12:10 Unrated

"There are two sides to every story. Mainstream vs Independent media." You be the judge! This film was researched, edited and documented as the events were unfolding in r...

Anonymous - Chasing Edward Snowden

2016 00:58:00

Anonymous have released a new full-length documentary which is about Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower who escaped the American justice system for leaking highly classified...

Capitalism: A love Story

2009 02:02:06

Capitalism: A love Story is a 2009 documentary created by the renowned film maker Michael Moore. This film explores the Western Love for Capitalism, more specifically when the econ...